15 Movie and TV Himbos (and Their Himbo Profiles)

15 Movie and TV Himbos (and Their Himbo Profiles)

Himbos are good – maybe even the best. If there are any actual himbos reading this, it’s fine, you can scroll on to look at the pictures of men just like you. For everyone else, here’s a collection of the best himbos around, what gives them that claim, and their number one himbo skill, their Pokémon superpower. You can bask in the glow of the dumb kind hot light or you can print the sheet out, cut the pictures out and use them to play Himbo Battle. (Please battle responsibly.)

The rules are simple, you draw three himbos at random and can play anyone to counter your opponent’s himbo. The winner is the one who would conclusively first offer a hug to the other — continue until you’ve won two out of three or you hug it out. From magic fantasy to lowest sitcom, here are your favorite himbos you know and love.

Thor Odinson

Movie and TV Himbos MCU Thor God of Thunder and Norse blondie. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME His brother replaced their father for years without him noticing HIMBO SKILL Listening. CRACKED.COM

Troy Barnes from 'Community'

Movie and TV Himbos Community Troy Barnes® R Of Troy and Abed in the Morning. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME Thinks all dogs are boys and all cats are girls. Pops a hole in a raft to make it go faster. Uses a plastic alien costume to fight zombies. HIMBO SKILL Inheriting a million dollars. CRACKED.COM

Son Goku

Movie and TV Himbos Dragon Ball Son Goku Defender of Earth and protector of the Dragon Balls, he's a big dumb idiot who hugs his wife and pats his son's head. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME Trains his greatest enemy of all time so he can have fun fighting him. HIMBO SKILL Good negotiator. CRACKED.COM

Andy Dwyer from 'Parks and Recreation'

Movie and TV Himbos Parks and Recreation Andy Dwyer Lead singer of Mouse Rat, proud hole dweller. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME When April was born, I was already in the third grade, which means if we were friends back then, I would have been hanging out with a baby. I don't know anything about infant care. Oh my god, I could have killed her! HIMBO SKILL Non-profit work CRACKED.COM

Milo Thatch from 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire' (Skinny Himbo)

Movie and TV Himbos Atlantis: The Lost Empire Milo Thatch Arch geek and language nerd, desperate to find the Lost City beneath the waves. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME Believed in Atlantis. HIMBO SKILL Translates ancient languages, can fit through small cracks. CRACKED.COM


Movie and TV Himbos Hercules Hercules Son of a god and performer of the Seven Labors. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME One time knocked over an entire mall. HIMBO SKILL Can pick up large buildings . CRACKED.COM

Kronk from 'The Emperor's New Groove'

Movie and TV Himbos The Emperor's New Groove Kronk Yzma's second in command, and a chipmunk-talking scout leader. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME Doesn't seem to realize Yzma is evil. HIMBO SKILL Fish. CRACKED.COM


Movie and TV Himbos Disney cartoons Goofy Father to Max, friend to Mickey, a dog but not on a leash. Pete's neighbor and the most destructive force. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME The U.S. Army used to use him in demonstrations for what not to do. HIMBO SKILL Durable. CRACKED.COM

Fezzik from 'The Princess Bride'

Movie and TV Himbos The Princess Bride Fezzik A kidnapper of Princess Buttercup, but one of the nicer ones. The Brute Squad. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME Affably chats as he's choked out. HIMBO SKILL Is the Brute Squad. CRACKED.COM


Movie and TV Himbos M Mario franchise Mario Plumber extraordinaire, defender of the Mushroom Kingdom, tennis star, kart expert, and actor. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME General doofiness. Keeps losing princesses. HIMBO SKILL Multi-faceted. CRACKED.COM


Movie and TV Himbos Mario franchise Luigi Brother to Mario, owner of a vacuum cleaner, tall. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME His own reflection terrifies him. HIMBO SKILL Multi-faceted. When he runs he slips a little and it's adorable. CRACKED.COM

Quentin Coldwater

Movie and TV Himbos The Magicians Quentin Coldwater An absolutely mediocre magician, he gets by mostly on mumbling and being well-meaning enough even when sticking his foot in his mouth. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME Poorly did a Cirque du Soleil dance once, mostly talks about his favorite kids book series HIMBO SKILL Card tricks. CRACKED.COM

Luke Skywalker

Movie and TV Himbos Star Wars Luke Skywalker The Chosen One('s son). The hope for a galaxy. Made a cool green lightsaber once. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME Kissed his sister, insulted the greatest Jedi master, ran away to an island of ducks. HIMBO SKILL Back flips. CRACKED.COM

Sloth from 'The Goonies'

Movie and TV Himbos The Goonies Sloth The muscle of The Goonies and pirate. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME Helped the Fratellis HIMBO SKILL Pirate. CRACKED.COM

Dwight Schrute (Evil Himbo)

Movie and TV Himbos The Office Dwight Schrute Assistant (to the) regional manager of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton, PA. Owns beet farms. HIMBO CLAIM TO FAME Jim pretended to recruit him to the CIA three times. Had an endearing friendship with a computer once. HIMBO SKILL Protection. CRACKED.COM
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