15 Believe-It-Or-Not Headlines From Around The Globe

There’s only one gaming headset that can now say it will save your life.
15 Believe-It-Or-Not Headlines From Around The Globe

I have a very dear friend named John. He's an excellent cook; he knows everything there is to know about wine, beer and mixed drinks; but the most amazing thing he knows is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. He can quote from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and even knows how to say it in Esperanto (he learned this by asking a woman in a bar). But John is also very wise. When he comes to my place for dinner we sit around drinking wine, and I'll try to explain something that has bothered me for some time, or ask his advice about a decision I've made—and John will just listen, nod, and tell me what I should do.

Sometimes, I ask him to tell me the meaning of life, the universe, and everything again. It's in an indecipherable alien language but, by amazing coincidence, it sounds exactly like a list of fifteen facts in English. It goes:

Police raid a home and take thousands of dollars, even though the homeowner was not charged.

WEIRD WORLD A Rochester woman is fighting to get back the $8,000 seized in a police raid, despite not being charged with a crime. K SHOP POLICE A РОС FB EPARTMENT OF NVESTIGATION POLICE JTY OF NEW YORK No drugs were found but police seized $8,040 in currency that Cristal Starling says was hers. Police can take your money in what is known as civil forfeiture, but it's called stealing when we do it. CRACKED.COM

Democrat & Chronicle 

The person who wrote “How To Murder Your Husband” is on trial for the death of her husband.

WEIRD WORLD The author of How to Murder Your Husband is on trial after her husband was found dead. The self-published romance writer is on trial after her chef husband was found dead in the kitchen of the Oregon Culinary Institute in Southwest Portland. Her husband-killing manifesto will be excluded from the trial's evidence. CRACKED.COM


Penguin counting just one job for new Antarctic post office employees.

WEIRD WORLD An Antarctic post office is hiring - and counting penguins is part of the job. The British controlled Port Lockroy on the Antarctic peninsula is hiring, and lucky employees will get to spend five months at the edge of the world with a handful of colleagues and thousands of penguins. CRACKED.COM


A toddler was being offered ice cream by a man in his nanny cam.

WEIRD WORLD A 3-year-old told his parents that their Ring camera talks to him, and offers him ice cream at night. The parents removed the camera right away, and after a phone call with customer service, they were advised to change their Ring passwords and two-factor authentication. CRACKED.COM


Ordering endangered animals online is super easy.

WEIRD WORLD It took Vice less than a day to order an endangered tiger on Facebook. Gavin Butler claims that it's shockingly easy to buy some of the most endangered species globally, like bears, pangolins, and leopards, on the world's largest social media platform. CRACKED.COM


A boss tried to tell his bartender employee to not drink on his days off.

WEIRD WORLD A bartender quit after his boss banned him from drinking on his days off, just in case he was needed at work. The bartender explained he was having a few drinks on his day off when he got a text message from his boss at 3am, telling him he needed to come in 11am-10pm to cover a shift. After a long argument about needing to stay ready for work, the employee quit on the spot.

Au News 

Mushrooms talk to each other with an impressive vocabulary.

WEIRD WORLD Research suggests mushrooms talk to each other with a vocabulary of 50 words. They communicate in electrical impulses, which are conducted by fungi through long, underground filamentous structures called hyphae, similar to how nerve cells transmit information in us humans. CRACKED.COM

Screenshot Media 

The raw meat wars have begun.

WEIRD WORLD Lamb chops were stuffed into a car's exhaust pipe during an attack on homes that used raw meat as projectiles. Another vehicle, in a village in Herefordshire, England, was left with a chicken drumstick hanging from a wheel rim. CRACKED.COM


Pornographic websites were displayed on car charging ports.

WEIRD WORLD Electric vehicle charging points in a small island's car parks were hacked to show porn. PLUC- VEHICLE ONLY HOME PARKING ONLY PODES NO سلا K ALL SMIT is - - SAUDI = IND EXIT like BIG PSC zipcars The have Z Isle of Wight has three charge points for electric vehicles, which display the network's own website but were hacked and redirected to a porn site instead. CRACKED.COM


A bullet was stopped by a gaming headset.

WEIRD WORLD A Razer Kraken gaming headset saved an 18-year-old from a stray bullet. After the bullet flew through his bedroom window, Reddit user Enough_Dance_956 said it ricocheted off his headset as he was talking with his friends in the early morning, saving his life. CRACKED.COM

Tech Radar 

“Sugar daddy” visits prevented one juror from attending certain court dates.

WEIRD WORLD A potential juror cited visits with her sugar daddy as a conflict in fulfilling her civil duties. TEAM FIME FREE A juror in the Parkland shooting case against Nikolas Cruz told the judge her schedule with her sugar daddy, as well as her husband, would prevent her from being available on certain days. CRACKED.COM

Fox News 

A TikTok trend centered around a theme park tragedy.

WEIRD WORLD A boy falling off a theme park ride to his death became a TikTok trend. COMPA Video footage of the deadly fall at ICON Park in Orlando is being played under a song popularized on the show Euphoria, which was part of an earlier trend that involved capturing yourself engaged in risky behavior. CRACKED.COM

NBC News 

A woman bit a pitbull back for attacking her dog.

WEIRD WORLD An Ohio woman bit a pitbull to save her dog during an attack. After several exhausting minutes trying to save her 12-year-old Eskimo Pomeranian mix named Kevin from being mauled by a pit bull in her backyard, Jennifer Love (not Hewitt) bit the dog's ear, which ripped some of her teeth out but gave her time to save Kevin. CRACKED.COM


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