15 Beguiling Facts About Computers, Junk Food, And Letting The Spiders Take Over

Penn doesn’t have much to talk about with Teller.
15 Beguiling Facts About Computers, Junk Food, And Letting The Spiders Take Over

I've always been a little different than everyone else I know. My father was an engineer for the railroad and my mom worked part time in a department store. We lived in a small apartment on a street that had lots of trees around it; I used to like going outside with my dog when we could go out without being noticed by our neighbors.

My mother's favorite flower was the daffodil, and she liked the smell of orange blossoms. When my mom was at home with me, sometimes we'd sit together at night and listen to the radio, but I didn't know how to talk back yet. She would sing to me when she thought nobody else could hear, and sometimes her songs sounded sad. One thing that made me happy is when the mail carrier came by. I would run out to see what kind of mail he brought, and sometimes there was money in the mail, which made me feel very important and grown up, because you could buy candy with money.

One day, we got a letter the likes of which I'd never seen before. It was addressed to me, and it was just a list of fifteen facts. It went:

Rubber bullets are not supposed to be fired directly at someone.

Rubber bullets are supposed to be shot at the ground, not directly at people. CRACKED.COM The intended use of rubber bullets is to fire at the ground so that the round bounces up and hits the target on the legs, causing pain but not injury. This is not always how they are used, however.


The bottom % does 45% of the work.

Planktons constitute less than 1% of Earth's total plant mass, yet perform 45% of its photosynthesis. CRACKED.COM They provide food, directly or indirectly, for virtually every other marine creature and emit much of the oxygen that permeates our atmosphere.


God bless you!

A man sneezed out a toy that had been lodged in his nose since he was a kid. CRACKED.COM Steve Easton sneezed out the tip of a toy dart while he was at his computer. The toy had been lodged unknowingly in his nasal cavity for 44 years.


The Forbidden City is earthquake proof without a single nail.

Built in 1420, the Forbidden City in China can withstand a magnitude 10.1 earthquake. ПХО 10 CRACKED.COM The Forbidden City was so well-designed that it withstood over 200 earthquakes, and was built without using nails or glue. The dougong system allowed buildings to sit lightly on the floor without needing to be sunk into the ground


Penn doesn’t have much to talk about with Teller.

Penn & Teller are not friends outside of work. CRACKED.COM Penn Jillette said in an interview that a big part of Penn & Teller's success and longevity is due to their never having been close friends. Besides magic, they don't have much else in common.

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Boo-boos come from the bubonic plague.

Bruises being called boo-boos comes from the bubonic plague. CRACKED.COM The bubonic plague was a specific way of dying from the plague wherein lymph nodes would swell into lumps called buboes. This is the origin of bruises being called boo-boos.

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You don’t erase ink with the blue eraser.

The blue end of an eraser is for heavier paper, not ink. RT Pelikan 34 BR 40 GRACKED.COM The hard blue end of an eraser wasn't designed for erasing ink. It is meant for erasing pencil from a heavier paper that would otherwise wear down the softer, pink side.


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