15 Facts That Won’t Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Put some respect on Kenny G’s name.
15 Facts That Won’t Go Gentle Into That Good Night

An old witch searched for a way to turn someone into an animal without using any of her potions or magical items. She wasn't quite sure if she could do it, and wanted some advice on how to make the transformation permanent, so she naturally went to visit her wise old grandmother for help. "What should I do?" asked the witch.

"Well, let me see," replied the witch's grandmother. "I think you could try to change them into a cat or something, like this," the grandmother said as she transformed the old woman into a black cat.

"Perfect," the witch said as she deftly changed back to human form.

"There now. And ... why did you want to transform them in the first place?" asked the grandmother, ancient beyond any natural lifespan, her voice creaking with the weight of centuries.

"They found out the list of fifteen facts I've sworn never to reveal to anyone who isn't my blood."

"You mean ... ?"

"Yes. The list that goes ... "

Put some respect on Kenny G’s name.

Kenny G once had the world record for longest continuous note held on a wind instrument. Kenny G held his note for 45 minutes and 47 seconds using a technique called circular breathing, where air is stored and pushed out from the mouth as new air is inhaled through the nose. CRACKED.COM

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Drivers used to drink and drive during the Indianapolis 500.

The Indianapolis 500 only banned its drivers from drinking alcohol in 1914. This came a year after Jules Goux drank champagne during each of his pit stops (3 bottles in total) in the 1913 race. CRACKED.COM

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A tennis-court sized island has a little house on it.

That the world's smallest inhabited island is about the size of a tennis court. In the 1950s, a family called Sizeland bought Hub Island, one of the tiniest islets in Alexandria Bay, New York, planted a tree, and built a cottage that took up almost every leftover square inch of dry land. CRACKED.COM

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Birds boost their memory when they need to find their hidden food.

The memory section of the brain grows by 30% in food-storing birds so they can find their hidden food. The hippocampus of food-storing birds is much larger than in non-storing birds. The increase in size corresponds with the change of the seasons. CRACKED.COM


A Guns N’ Roses guitarist recorded in a chicken coop.

Guitarist Buckethead was given a chicken coop to work in while recording a Guns N' Roses album. During the recording of Chinese Democracy, Buckethead was fed up with delays and the only thing that got him back in the studio was this very particular accommodation. CRACKED.COM

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“The Voice” in Field of Dreams is uncredited.

It's never been confirmed who whispered the iconic Field of Dreams line. If you build it, he will come could have been said by any of the movie's actors like Kevin Costner or Ray Liotta, but director Phil Alden Robinson says no one has guessed correctly yet. CRACKED.COM

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Xbox controllers can take about 3 million button presses.

It takes about 3 million presses to wear out a button on an Xbox controller. Microsoft has been testing the Xbox One's controller by pressing its buttons over and over, between 4-5 times a second. Data is then recorded and used to improve the devices. CRACKED.COM


The US gave a moon rock to a Dutch Prime Minister that was just fossilized wood.

The moon rock gifted to the former Dutch Prime Minister by the U.S. ambassador was a piece of wood. The petrified wood from U.S. ambassador J. William Middendorf was gifted to former Prime Minister Willem Drees, part of the Giant Leap goodwill tour after the first moon landing. CRACKED.COM


Mississippi banned Sesame Street for having minority actors.

Sesame Street was banned in several states for casting Black and hispanic actors. 123 SESAME STREET 10 MIN IIII EPISODE During a meeting in 1970, the Mississippi Authority for Educational Television took an informal poll and decided Mississippi wasn't ready for Sesame Street and their integrated cast. CRACKED.COM

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The plan to assassinate Kim Il Sung failed spectacularly.

South Korea hatched a plan in 1968 to assassinate Kim Il Sung. Recruits (petty criminals) snapped during intense training on a remote island, killed their trainers, hijacked and blew up a bus in Seoul, killing 15. CRACKED.COM

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