15 Facts That Are The Only Thing We Need To Do Today

15 Facts That Are The Only Thing We Need To Do Today

The world was once ruled by a race of creatures with incredible powers. They were known as the Ancients and they built mighty towers to reach heaven from earth, and used these for their magic to control the people of this land. They also made powerful weapons, such as the Great Levelers, which they used to fight against each other,. One weapon was particularly deadly, a spear of pure energy. It had the ability to turn anything it pierced into stone. The only person who ever defeated the Great Leveler was its master: King Arutha, son of King Rodion. The weapon was destroyed and all that remained after that was a small piece that could be kept safely in an enchanted glass.

Millennia later, the glass was safely stored in a dedicated room in a royal palace. But at some point in the preceding centuries, somebody had scrawled a strange, incomprehensible list on the glass, and it went:

Thandiwe Newton is Thandie no more.

Actress Thandiwe Newton is correcting the spelling of her name after 30 years of being Thandie. Newton dropped the 'w' in Thandiwe when she started her career, worrying it made her sound too 'different.' In 2021, she finally announced she would henceforth be known and credited as Thandiwe Newton. CRACKED.COM


Is it coincidence, or divine intervention?

A church explosion during choir practice in 1950 had zero injuries due to everyone being late. Every single member of the Beatrice, NE choir was late for completely separate reasons, so the church was empty, and no one was hurt in the explosion. CRACKED.COM


Someone fought for the right to take themselves to court.

A woman fought to be able to sue herself, all the way to the Supreme Court. When a woman tried to sue herself for the wrongful death of her husband, the district court threw out the suit saying that you can't sue yourself. The case appealed to the supreme court who ruled that you can. CRACKED.COM

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The founders of the Aztec Empire flayed a princess.

The founders of the Aztec Empire wore the skin of the King of Culhuacan's daughter while he visited. In 1323, the Mexica sacrificed the daughter of King Achicometl, believing she would join the gods as a diety. During a festival dinner, a priest came out wearing her flayed skin as part of the ritual, to the king's horror. CRACKED.COM


Good news: we can swallow all the snake venom we want!

You can drink snake venom, although you probably shouldn't. Unlike poison, snake venom is generally not effective when swallowed, since venom is meant to go directly into the bloodstream to cause damage. CRACKED.COM

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‘Cause I've got one hand in my jacket, and the other one is hailin' a taxi cab.

Gentlemen used to rest one hand inside their jacket to signal good breeding. Corona In ancient Greece it was considered disrespectful to speak with your hands outside of your clothing. Portraitists in the 18th century began representing subjects in a similar pose, believing that it conveyed a noble, calm comportment and good breeding. CRACKED.COM

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A taxidermist cut out the middle-man and took down a leopard.

A taxidermist killed a leopard with his bare hands while on a visit to Africa. In 1896, American taxidermist Carl Akeley was attacked by a leopard and killed it by ramming his hand down the leopard's throat and choking it to death. CRACKED.COM

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Once you contract rabies from a donor organ, it’s too late.

At least 18 people have died from contracting rabies after receiving organs from infected donors since 2004. Transplanted organs are not typically screened for rabies virus, which can incubate for up to a year or more before symptoms manifest, after which time it is nearly 100% fatal. CRACKED.COM


Burning homework is a great way to survive in the wilderness.

Two teens stayed alive by burning their homework. Two 16-year-olds got lost in the Canadian wilderness while snowboarding, and were rescued the following day. They managed to avoid frostbite by burning their homework for warmth. CRACKED.COM


The military issued very ugly eyeglasses.

The U.S. military issued a pair of unfortunate-looking eye glasses nicknamed birth control glasses. The thick brown frames and shape were extremely unpopular and equated to birth control because of how unattractive they looked. The frames were retired in 2012. CRACKED.COM

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Cheetahs are all genetically very similar.

Skin grafts exchanged between unrelated cheetahs are accepted as if they were clones or identical twins. Cheetahs were at one point so close to extinction, their genetic diversity has become too low for their immune system to recognize a nonself. CRACKED.COM


Only the rich had more than one bed in medieval times.

People in the medieval era had one bed for the entire family, and overnight guests. Only the very rich could afford more than one bed and poor people just slept on piles of cloth/hay on the floor. CRACKED.COM

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