True crime is having a moment right now-- The podcast charts are filled with multi-episode dark stories about murders and disappearances, and it seems like a new documentary about some messed up incident drops on Netflix or Hulu every single day. It feels macabre, but learning about terrible crimes feeds the darker sides of our brains, like some weird kind of awful ASMR. Below is a mix of a strange, but true, crimes-- Some solved, some not. Some funny, some not. Across the board though, they're not for these true stories aren't for the faint of heart-- Except for maybe the one about the Mad Pooper in New Jersey, or the guy who stole an actual tank, or the guy who authorities just couldn't keep in prison. Actually, not done talking about the New Jersey pooping guy-- Where's the podcast and Netflix documentary about that? We're tired of scammers and murderers! Give us the pooper! 

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