13 Very Serious Facts About Humor And Laughter

Because nothing ruins a joke faster than deconstructing it.
13 Very Serious Facts About Humor And Laughter

What makes comedy funny? What’s the point of humor? How can we be funnier? Why even bother? These are questions that haunt us. We at Cracked think a lot about comedy. Sometimes we think about it too much, and the whole concept is ruined for us. And we want to pass on that misery to you. 

Scientists have done a surprising amount of research on comedy, and we would hate for their hard work to go unnoticed. So, here’s a collection of research findings that we found entertaining (if not very funny) about humor, playfulness, and laughter. 

Our main takeaways? Humor is an essential part of humanity that positively affects our health and relationships. Humor needs to be used intentionally to be effective, but the consideration pays off in much-needed laughter. And you need to read more Cracked.com articles to have a long and high-quality life. Don’t believe us? Well, listen to the experts…

Students like when teachers tell jokes

99% of students prefer funny instructors 01 de OA 20 DE OS de de to 30 or of de OC o -88 SO so 305 or DAE to LS par However, students disagree on what they consider humorous. If a joke doesn't land, it won't have a negative effect, but if a joke is viewed as offensive, it will have a negative effect on 40% of students' ability to pay attention. CRACKED

Source: PLoSONE

Stick it out if you want to laugh at them.

As married couples age, fighting is replaced by humor According to research, couples in later stages of life show more humor and tenderness towards another than in earlier stages of their marriage. CRACKED

Source: Emotion

Intelligent kids can make you laugh at them

Smart kids tell better jokes One study found that intelligence and humor was more strongly linked in children. Now we have more incentive for judging kids' knock-knock jokes. CRACKED

Source: Humor

Laugh away your stress

People who laugh frequently are better equipped to deal with stress Regardless of intensity of laughter, laughing everyday (and even smiling) acts as a buffer to stressful events. CRACKED

Source: PLoS One

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