Filmmaking is hard. To help you through it, here are some tips from the best filmmakers around -- producers, directors, screenwriters, an actor because you know, sometimes you just need to let them think they're allowed. Some of this advice is more practical, some is philosophical, and some is just kind, but all of it is great if you need to make a movie, direct a play, or maybe lead a boardroom? Is that a thing people do? Let the guy who made a movie about boning a fish tell you how to become a better CEO. That’s definitely what this article is for. 

If you ever wanted to make a movie and didn’t know where to start, here is a great place, according to literally everyone, because it’s the earliest time you can start to make a thing. So read this advice, make a hit film, and give us an executive producer role. We earned it.

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Carrie Fisher

CRACKED.COM Audi CITYNA I T CREATIVE WISDOM FROM BRILLIANT FILMMAKERS Make the women smarter, and the love scenes better. -Carrie Fisher, script doctor SO

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