15 Bonkers Stories Happening From All Around The Planet

The robot bugs can smell us, and they’re coming.
15 Bonkers Stories Happening From All Around The Planet

It so chanced that on the evening of which I am about to tell, I was seated by my desk, when an individual presented himself at the door of the room in which I resided. He wore a long black gown, which reached down to his feet and covered him from top to toes in thick, soft folds. On one side he had a great deal of white hair, on the other a little; and this last portion hung down in long ringlets over his face — it seemed like some kind of white veil, as if a large spider were spinning its web upon the man's head. He was exceedingly old; and I felt very uneasy when he entered.

"What do you want?" I asked him warily, an edge in my voice.

"I wish to share the truth with you," he spoke in a deeply calm tone.

"What truth?"

"The truth you are seeking -- proof of the cracks in reality you're looking for. It's happened at least fifteen times. Listen -- "

A mother duck hatches her eggs at the hospital.

WEIRD WORLD A duck used a Florida hospital's labor and delivery center to hatch her chicks. Beaches OBGYN said that staff escorted the mother duck and her 10 ducklings through the building after the eggs hatched in the delivery center's fenced-in courtyard. CRACKED.COM


These robot bugs can smell you, and they’re coming for you.

WEIRD WORLD Robotised insects may search collapsed buildings for survivors. Dr. Hirotaka Sato from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has created a way to adapt Madagascan hissing cockroaches and make them autonomous agents for searching through rubble for signs of life. Honestly, we'll accept our fate, keep the bugs


Japan gears up for annual “penis” festival.

WEIRD WORLD Revelers in a Japanese city are preparing for an annual celebration known as the Penis Festival. The Kanamara Matsuri involves an energetic procession of three phallic portable shrines and a variety of food and goods shaped to match the occasion. Traditionally, sex workers came to the festival to pray for protection against sexually transmitted diseases. CRACKED.COM

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A Swedish judge got caught stealing meatballs.

WEIRD WORLD A Swedish Supreme Court judge was fined for stealing meatballs from a shop. The 67-year-old judge was fined 50,000 kroner ($5,746) when she was caught stealing from a grocery shop in central Stockholm shortly before Christmas. In addition to ham and meatballs, she tried to steal sausages and cheese, hidden in a woven shopping baged

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Pets are the new kids, plants are the new pets.

WEIRD WORLD Kentucky hotel invites guests to bring their houseplants for the stay. Thanks to a years-long pandemic and the rising costs of parenthood, pets are the new babies. And plants have been promoted to the new pets, VisitLEX, the convention and visitors bureau of Lexington, said in a news release. CRACKED.COM


A new sports bar will play only women’s sports.

WEIRD WORLD An Oregon bar called The Sports Bra and is dedicated exclusively to women's sports. Jenny Nguyen, a chef and founder of The Sports Bra in Portland, said she believes her business is the world's first sports bar dedicated exclusively to women's sports. The menu includes a drink called Title x and another called the Triple Axel in honor of Tonya Harding. CRACKED.COM

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An 84 year old went back to work for another 6 years before retiring.

WEIRD WORLD The National Park Service announced the oldest active ranger has retired at age 100 in California. Betty Reid Soskin took a temporary position working with the NPS at age 84 and became a permanent employee in 2011, making her the oldest active National Parks ranger in the United States. CRACKED.COM


An escaped flamingo is living its best life.

WEIRD WORLD A flamingo that escaped from a Kansas ZOO 17 years ago has been spotted in Texas. The bird escaped from the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita on a stormy night in June 2005. It has been spotted several times in Wisconsin, Louisiana and Texas, sometimes with other wild flamingos. CRACKED.COM

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Will Smith wants you to please stop yelling at him on Twitter.

WEIRD WORLD Maryland senator Will Smith Jr. is getting attacked on Twitter by confused users. ech Smith has no relation to Bad Boys For Life mega star Will Smith, but Twitter users are all too quick to pile on him, confusing him for the other Will Smith who slapped Chris Rock in front of a stunned crowd at the Academy Awards. CRACKED.COM

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We’re begging you to stop taking medicine for dogs.

WEIRD WORLD Not so unexpectedly, the horse dewormer is not an effective method of protecting from COVID-19. w Each i ml contains Active substance Ivermectin 10 ng Ivermectin Also contains: Methyl paraben and propy paraben TARGET SPECIES إفرمكتين Cows camels and sheep INDICATIONS: Solution for Injection For to treatment d the folowing محلول المحقن parastes In COMS Gestrointestinal roundwoms lung BOTTS, N ice, tch ticks rodent Ice In camels Gastrortestinal roundworms, lung worns, munge nites In sheep Gestrontestinal roundworms lung WOTHS nasal X mange nites. ADMINISTRATION: SPI SPI to used by subcutaneous injection. COMPOSITION - 100 ml tach in contains WITHORANAL PERIOD

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A dad never arrived to pick up his kid in 2003, and his body was just discovered.

WEIRD WORLD The body of a man who disappeared after not picking up his kid from the babysitter in 2003 was just found: 19 years ago, James Amabile called the babysitter in a rush stating that he would be there within 5 minutes, and was never seen again. The wreckage of Amabile's vehicle was pulled from a PA waterfront. CRACKED.COM


Californians are not afraid of a few extra pounds as long as they can keep drinking.

WEIRD WORLD The average Californian is prepared to gain 14 pound in order to continue drinking alcohol, CALLAN MACALLAY HACAZZAS GUENJUL PHROAK 12 18 DE -10- Grall Thereo ESON FARE KARE DEEFEATER JB JB MA SONADE - 89 TRUSHI AGE PION AWON Franc 1800 1800 A WHE YU Despite the risk of weight gain and the overall negative effects associated with alcohol, even health-conscious Californians are willing to continue to drink. The average American drinker would be willing to give up three years of their life if it meant they could continue to drinka.D.COM


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