15 Of The Strangest Things Happening In The World Right Now

Michael Bay promised Speilberg he would stop making “Transformers.”
15 Of The Strangest Things Happening In The World Right Now

A certain gentleman in a remote region of the South Pacific Ocean was once seated at his table one afternoon when an old acquaintance called on him. The visitor soon found that he could not talk of ordinary things; and, as he sat there talking to himself, his friend grew alarmed and inquired what was amiss.

"Why," said he, "you don't know what a strange thing I have seen today — something which no human mind ever saw before. I was just thinking about it — thinking of how I never should be able to tell any one, or explain what I saw. And so — but — "

"Can you at least tell me in broad terms what it was?"

"I — yes — I saw a woman, wreathed in blinding light, and she opened her mouth and, and I expected her to utter a deep truth mortal minds could only dimly glimpse — but she just spoke about fifteen strange things that happened, here, she said — "

Manatees better stop dying if they want to live.

WEIRD WORLD One commissioner's solution to the plight of Florida's hungry manatees: Kill 'em. The manatee's main food source, sea grass, is becoming more scarce. County Commissioner Curt Smith floated an unconventional solution during last week's commission meeting, thinning the herd through a cull, like an overpopulation of deer. CRACKED.COM


Jack Schitt is honored in Vancouver.

WEIRD WORLD Stickers mimicking memorial plaques for Jack Schitt were stuck onto benches in Vancouver. Jack imagined one day if enough people realized they knew Jack Schitt there would be less judging on the planet and less assholes. A spokesperson for the Vancouver Park Board confirmed that this memorial is not sanctioned by the city. CRACKED.COM

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Just another average day in an American public school.

WEIRD WORLD Rocket launchers were found in a trash can near a California school. C RI 1 - OM M10 C4930 - ITA 64мм 3 22 C99302 0.0g Two rocket launchers and a practice grenade were found in a trash can at a residence near a California school. The sheriff's department says, This incident was not an unusual occurrence, as we routinely find and seize inert military ordnance. CRACKED.COM


A man goes to the police to complain about being sold fake weed.

WEIRD WORLD An Indonesian man went to police after he was sold fake marijuana. The taxi driver felt he had been scammed when he bought the leaves, wrapped in newspaper, for 50,000 РАК ($270 USD). The police found, to no one's surprise, the man was mentally unwell. CRACKED.COM

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A lawmaker claimed kids can identify as cats and use litter boxes at school.

WEIRD WORLD A Nebraska lawmaker said schools place litter boxes in bathrooms for children that identify as cats. Sen. Bruce Bostelman, a conservative Republican, repeated the false claim during a public, televised debate. Hours after his remarks, Bostelman backtracked and acknowledged that the story wasn't true. CRACKED.COM

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A criminal asked his victim to pinky promise not to tell the cops.

WEIRD WORLD A robbery victim told police that the robber made him pinky promise that he wouldn't call authorities. The victim was robbed at a gas station by a man in a ski mask brandishing a pocket knife. The robber took about $80 from him before making him pinky promise that he wouldn't call the cops, before fleeing on his bicycle. CRACKED.COM


Canada’s maple syrup bandit will finally receive sweet justice.

WEIRD WORLD The ringleader of Canada's notorious maple syrup heist must pay more than $9 million in fines. SELECT QUALITY CROWN MAPLE SYRUP' ZOMODA Richard Vallières was found guilty of fraud, trafficking and theft of 9,500 barrels of maple syrup worth about $18 million from a warehouse in the Quebec City region. CRACKED.COM

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Woman steals car to get to court hearing for stealing a car.

WEIRD WORLD A woman showed up to her car theft court hearing in a stolen car. A woman was scheduled to make a court appearance after being arrested for stealing a car. When she arrived at the Dublin, CA courthouse, authorities determined she was driving a stolen Jail - less vehicle. She was taken back to Santa Rita than mile a


One man chose smoking and drinking over his family, and living in a house.

WEIRD WORLD A Chinese man chose to live in an airport instead of giving up drinking and smoking for his family. Wei Jianguo has been living in the Beijing Capital International Airport for 14 years because he refuses to give up his vices at home. Jianguo earns a small pension and spends it all on his favorite things: booze, cigs, and noodles. CRACKED.COM

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Death by stabbing yourself 20 times, we’ve seen it all before.

WEIRD WORLD A Philly woman's death by 20 stab wounds was ruled a suicide. A b P Ellen Greenberg, a 27-year-old first grade teacher, was found by her fiance locked in their apartment with a knife in her chest. After discovering 20 stab wounds, the pathologist ruled her death a homicide, but then changed it to a suicide weeks later with no explanation.


Michael Bay promised Speilberg he would stop making “Transformers.”

WEIRD WORLD Spielberg told Michael Bay to stop making Transformers movies. Bay admitted that Transformers executive producer Steven Spielberg originally told him to walk away once a trilogy was complete. Bay said he'd stop, but the studio kept asking for another, which inevitably did well, and like an addict he just couldn't walk away. CRACKED.COM


Multiple fetuses were found in the home of an anti-abortion activist.

WEIRD WORLD An anti-abortion activist had 5 fetuses in her home. POLICE Police visited Lauren Handy's basement apartment to investigate a tip about potential biohazard material at the house, where the medical examiner's office collected the fetuses. No information on the findings, including where they came from, is available. CRACKED.COM


The Aussie PM told renters to just “buy a house.”

WEIRD WORLD The Australian Prime Minister said renters should buy a house if they want rent relief. PM Scott Morrison suggested Australians looking for rent relief should instead look to buying a home as rents in regional areas rose 18 percent higher than they were prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. CRACKED.COM

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