15 Facts That Proved To Us We Don’t Know Everything

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15 Facts That Proved To Us We Don’t Know Everything

In the first place he is very angry; but not at himself, nor even with God. He is simply furious with the world, and with all that lives upon it or in it. This fury is his own. It springs from his heart, which is full of pain; for this world, with all of its joys, has no room for him. He is an outcast — an outcast who does not wish to be so; but there are those whose presence alone makes it impossible for him to feel any sense of self-worth or dignity; they, too have their own reason for being here — and these reasons are such as to make his life intolerable. The man is alone — but he would be happier were he with others. He paces the cruel, sun-scorched desert, hour after hour, finding no respite.

Suddenly, he recalls something from his past life, one he lived in civilization. It was an odd list of facts he read on a break from work, that had gotten lodged in his mind. It went:

You probably still can’t afford this Brooklyn townhouse that is a big decoy.

There is a townhouse in Brooklyn Heights that's actually a ventilation shaft for The subway exit disguised as a brownstone leads to a grimy-lit set of metal stairs that ascend past utility boxes and ventilation shafts into a windowless room with a door. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


George Foreman made more off of his grill than boxing.

George Foreman was making as much as $4.5 million a month with his grill. George Foreman was originally paid 40% of the profits for endorsing the George Foreman Grill. Не made $200 million just from the endorsement through 2011, which was much more than what he made as a boxer. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Universal claimed Donkey Kong was infringing on King Kong, whose rights they did not own.

Universal sued Nintendo in 1982 over Donkey Kong. Universal Studios sued Nintendo on the grounds that Donkey Kong was an exact copy of King Kong. The judge ruled that Universal acted in bad faith by threatening Nintendo's licensees and it had no right over King Kong due to being in public domain. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Gaming Historian

Thousands of PlayStations were connected to form a governmental supercomputer.

The US Defense Department used 1,760 PS3s as a supercomputer. PLAYSTATIOR In 2010, the fastest supercomputer in the entire U.S Defense Department was primarily comprised of 1760 PlayStation 3 consoles, built to undertake highly specific military tasks at about 500 trillion calculations per second. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


When a hop, skip, and a jump takes too long.

A commercial flight from two islands in the UK takes under a minute. G-BLDY The shortest commercial flight can take as little as 47 seconds, and costs £21. The flight connects Westray Airfield and Papa Westray Airfield. + CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Black cab drivers have to basically be London historians.

London black cab drivers must pass a grueling test. UK premiere, 8pm Monday 30th April Inca really 60 me ComCab The Knowledge is a multi-sequence oral exam requiring memorization of all 25,000 street names, landmarks, and points-of-interest in a 6-mile radius from London center. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Times 

Microsoft really thought they had the iPhone killer.

Microsoft held a funeral for the iPhone when they launched their Windows phone. Mizosoft Microsoft In 2010, Microsoft hosted a parade on their corporate campus to celebrate the completion of a total overhaul of their cell phone strategy, with hearses for the iPhone and Blackberry. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Every bit left over from Burning Man is picked up the next day.

Pieces of trash as small as strands of hair are cleaned up after Burning Man. LOVE LOV FR After the Burning Man Festival, a cleaning crew combs through the grounds to clean up MOOP, or trash as small as single hairs from wigs, in order to pass a federal inspection. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

World Sweeper

If you paint a crossword, don’t be upset when someone solves it.

A woman defaced artwork worth $116,000 thinking it was a crossword puzzle. In 2016, a 91-year-old woman filled out a crossword painting hanging in a German museum. To be fair, the work by avant garde artist Arthur Коерске was titled Insert words. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Hugh Jackman didn’t know what a wolverine was at first.

Hugh Jackman didn't know wolverines were real animals when he got his X-Men role. Jackman had no idea what a wolverine was when he auditioned for the role of Wolverine in 2000's X-Men, so he actually spent two weeks studying wolves instead. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Rolling Stone

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