Boy Meets World! It’s everyone’s favorite America’s favorite family favorite Cory and Topanga show (with Eric and Shawn), where they all go to college and have Halloween and become werewolves, and travel through time, and get snowed in (and sometimes there’s pregnancy scares, but that’s mostly in the college episodes). Remember Boy Meets World? It came on back during the ’90s, as one of ABC’s flagship shows, and running for seven years took its characters from middle to high to college school. The show had some weird twists and turns, despite ostensibly being a regular show about a normal kid making his way through life, turning into a teenager and an adult. Eventually, however, it ended where we all knew it would, with everyone happy. (And then…

Of course, behind the scenes, things weren’t much different. If you’re prepared for scandal, don’t be. If you’re ready to be shocked by tales of horror and drugs, this is not the show for you. Here’s some surprising facts about Boy Meets World and the cast and crew that created one of the best ’90s hits for you.

Wedding Poll

Boy Meets world what does Boy Meets World have in common with Batman? Just like with Robin's death, there was a poll to decide if Cory and Topanga should get hitched or not. Wedding bells won. CRACKED.COM

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Topanga Canyon

Boy Meets world Topanga is named after a canyon. The Topanga Canyon, in the San Fernando Valley area, was a hippie hangout in the '60s. CRACKED.COM

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