15 Positive News Stories That (Slightly) Redeemed The News For Us

Jeff Bezos’ ex is making him look even worse than previously thought possible.
15 Positive News Stories That (Slightly) Redeemed The News For Us

If this letter doesn't get to you, the killer will. I was the only one who survived. I'll be safe from him because he has no idea what I know (he's an old wizard with a bad case of amnesia). If you do find the book, take it straight to my friend, Gorgon (he knows who killed me). You need to hide it before this guy shows up. He's called the Warlock King and his name is... I don't want to say that here because I'm afraid for your life if you write it down. But it rhymes with "Tyr." He can make fire come out of people's heads! He'll try to stop you from finding the book or killing anyone associated with it.

The one thing that can save you is inscribing a magic circle while repeating positive thoughts aloud. To help you do that, I've included this list of fifteen wholesome facts from another dimension that I've found in an old spellbook:

Stuffed bunny is reunited with its owner via social media.

A young girl was reunited with her stuffed bunny left behind at Reagan Airport after a social media search: Reagan Airport and Traveler's Aid International launched a social media search for the stuffed rabbit's owner after it was found left behind a baggage claim. The bunny, later identified as Hoppy, was recognized and later reunited with its owner.OM


Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is… a good strategy.

An Australian man used the same lottery numbers for 30 years, and finally 2 3 4 5 8 9 won $5.5 million. 10 11 12 13 14 21 15 16 17 O 18 19 20 27 2 28 22 23 25 24 26 27 28 35 22 23 $5,543,173.97. The man said he would not quit 29 The winning man held the only division one winning entry in Oz Lotto draw 1466. 30 31 his job, but he and his parents are about to be 33 34 3 6 35 The division one winning entry scored 29 30 31 37

The Lott 

Podder the dog earns his retirement after years of protecting San Diego.

A county detector dog was given a service award for his career in sniffing parcels. After four years working for San Diego County, Podder the detector dog was honored as he headed into retirement. The Labrador and beagle mix worked to intercept harmful packages containing unwanted pests, diseases, and other harmful organisms to agriculture.com


We can harvest the sun enough to power Europe.

The World passed 1TW of solar installations - enough to power the whole of Europe. There are now enough solar panels installed throughout the world to generate 1 terawatt (TW) of electricity from the sun. This solar capacity is enough to meet the electricity demands of nearly every country in Europe combined.com


A woman’s dog pulls a Lassie and leads police to her rescue.

A hero dog led responders to an injured elderly woman. After a woman went missing in Jacksonville, FL, her family contacted the authorities. Deputies stated that her dog met them at the road and led them back to her through the woods, where she received medical attention. CRACKED.COM


Just guys being dudes.

Dolphins whistle to keep in touch with their distant friends. Male dolphins become friends by spending time together-petting, rubbing, touching flippers, goosing each other, making synchronous dives, having sex, says cetacean ethologist Emma Chereskin. CRACKED.COM


Big cats were saved from inhumane conditions.

Wildlife sanctuaries welcome lions and tigers rescued from circuses. CIRCUS SHOW TODAY!!! INFO: (702) 336 wm Two tigers were part of a traveling circus and dropped off at a local farm in Argentina, and then the circus never came back. The tigers had two cubs and spent 4 years in a metal train carriage. The tigers were rescued and now live in Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.'OM


A toddler survived days in the Tasmanian wilderness.

4-year-old Shayla Phillips was found safe after two days lost in Tasmania. Shayla disappeared on Wednesday afternoon from the backyard of her family home on Stormlea Road, Stormlea. After a search involving 100 personnel, sniffer dogs, horses, helicopters and drones, she was found on Friday having spent two nights in the open.rom


A program for first graders sets them up with a college fund.

Starting in first grade, all LAUSD students will now get a college savings account. Students are automatically enrolled in the free program, which gives them a college savings account with a $50 dollar seed deposit. Funds can be used for expenses such as tuition, on-campus housing, and books. CRACKED.COM


Jeff Bezos’ ex is making him look even worse than previously thought possible.

Mackenzie Scott, now divorced from Jeff Bezos, has given $3.8 billion to 465 organizations since June. GASTS Pussy stands with Planned Parenthood Scott said her team's focus in the past nine months continued to be helping underrepresented people. She gave money to Planned Parenthood as well as to organizations helping at-risk children, minorities, refugees and rural health access.com


Underwater statues are making the waters safe from illegal trawlers.

'Other-worldly' underwater sculptures are saving the Italian coastline from illegal trawlers. 39 marble sculptures, with 12 on the way, dot the seabed of the Maremma coastline, thwarting would-be illegal trawlers that deplete fish stocks and threaten the livelihoods of Italian fishermen. CRACKED.COM


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