15 Now-You-Know Facts, Free Of Charge

What if we kissed under the Worm Moon?
15 Now-You-Know Facts, Free Of Charge

A strange curse overtook an entire kingdom one summer's eve. When the king and queen had gone out to dinner with their children, they were attacked by a dragon. The princess was slain instantly while the prince survived with burns to his arms, neck, chest, back, and legs.

The dragon took off in a fit of rage and the king ran for help two towns away. When the king arrived at the town, he found the town under attack by more dragons and the mayor in a panic, trying to evacuate citizens before the next wave of dragon attacks. But there were just too many people—they simply couldn't move quickly enough. 

So, without hesitation, the king grabbed a sword and ran into battle against the dragon swarm, hoping to save as many lives as possible. Despite the odds being so against him in every way conceivable, his heroic heart enabled him to win the day and save the kingdom.

His great victory was recorded in rich detail on a tapestry mounted in his castle's great hall, next to this list of fifteen facts:

Dali didn’t want Yoko Ono to use his mustache hair to cast a spell on him.

Salvador Dali didn't want to sell Yoko Ono a mustache hair because he thought she was a witch. Yoko thought she was buying a mustache hair from the famous artist for $10,000, but Dali thought she was a witch who may use the hair in a spell. Dali substituted the hair with a blade of grass. CRACKED.COM

My Modern Met 

A Lego brick can support 950 pounds.

A Lego brick can support a brick tower 12,000 feet tall before being destroyed. The average maximum force the bricks can withstand is 4,240N, that's equivalent to a mass of 950 lbs. It would take 375,000 Lego bricks stacked one on top of another to destroy the bottom brick. CRACKED.COM


A homeless woman lived in a man's closet for almost a year.

A Japanese man caught a woman on camera living in his closet. When he noticed food disappearing, the man set up a security camera and found out that a homeless woman took up residence in the top compartment of his closet for more than a year. CRACKED.COM

NBC News 

A battle cry during the War of 82 was “Remember The Raisin!”

Remember the Raisin became a rallying cry for America during the War of 1812. The Battle of the River Raisin led to the deaths of dozens of Kentucky soldiers when British forces and their Native American allies counterattacked Kentucky volunteers that secured present-day Detroit. CRACKED.COM

Kentucky History 

A caterpillar in the Amazon is not up for conversation.

There is a species of caterpillar that sticks out long appendages when it is yelled at. The Amazonian insect responds to noise by firing four spiraling tentacles. the caterpillar belongs to the Nematocampa genus of moths, which enlarge the long appendages until they become erect. CRACKED.COM


One roller coaster at Disney can help with kidney stones.

Riding Big Thunder Mountain at Disney World can help pass kidney stones. A study was conducted after several patients had experienced relief after riding Big Thunder Mountain. Researchers tested this by hiding a 3D model of a kidney in a backpack on the ride. CRACKED.COM

Live Science 

What if we kissed under the Worm Moon?

The last full moon of the winter season is called the Worm Moon. This is because it's when beetle larvae begin to appear after emerging from their winter hideouts. The Farmer's Almanac has names for every full moon of the year. CRACKED.COM


A type of squid has a special swollen eye for looking around at stuff.

There is a species of squid with one normal eye and one swollen eye that sticks out of its head. The cockeyed squid is born with two normal eyes, but one keeps growing. Eventually, the large, swollen eye is big enough to give the squid complete 360 degree vision. CRACKED.COM

Today Online

A famous crow keeps stealing knives.

A crow once stole evidence from a crime scene. Canuck the Crow went after cutlery, this time after the knife was dropped by an armed assailant that was arrested by police. CRACKED.COM


A secret book about contraceptives was printed extra small.

A book describing contraceptives from 1832 was made small enough for women to hide. The Fruits of Philosophy was published as a measly 3 by 2.5 inches to make it easy for women to hide. The author, physician Charles Knowlton, was prosecuted and jailed for writing about an 'obscene' topic. CRACKED.COM

Library Company 

Don’t drink dolphin milk, no matter how tempting.

Dolphin milk is unsafe for human consumption for high concentrations of a chemical. The EPA announced in 1979 a plan to phase out nearly all uses of PCBs. PCBs still pollute ecosystems and can be found in the fat tissue of whales and dolphins. CRACKED.COM


One bad flight made Aretha Franklin too scared to fly ever again.

Aretha Franklin only traveled to concerts by bus after a bad airplane experience. In the early 1980s, Franklin had to endure some intense turbulence while flying in a small two-engine plane from Atlanta back home to Detroit. She developed aviophobia and traveled by bus to get to concerts. CRACKED.COM


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