15 Facts About What's Streaming In April On Netflix

Slippin' Jimmy is back -- among other stuff.
15 Facts About What's Streaming In April On Netflix

Another month, another glut of films and TV shows exploding onto your screen like God’s proverbial flood, but created solely and exclusively to wash your brain clean. Is The Circle worth watching? Who cares, you’re going to watch. Is this brainwashing? Maybe, but if your parents have an opiate dispenser it’s hard to say no.

From serial killers to game show hosts, April’s got a ton of what-passes-for-fun shows and very little video games, but somehow surprisingly not new video games, which seems more appropriate for the ship-you-DVDs store. But! Also not on the list — Marvel stuff which has finally started moving back to Disney+ and Spider-Man: No Way Home which famously called Netflix streaming’s “Staten Island” — a place that is much cooler, much more expensive, and much less culturally powerful as a concept than it used to be — before moving to Starz

Here are some of the interesting, bad, weird things being added to Netflix this month. Not mentioned, sadly? Your last relationship, despite the fact that you use your ex’s account to send them coded messages using different shows, begging them to take you back. Maybe that’s next month?

Inception (April 1st)

April on NETFLIX April 1 Inception Despite being, you know, Inception, the film came in early and under budget. CRACKED.COM

Source: Collider

Our Great National Parks (April 13th)

April on NETFLIX April 13 our Great National Parks Barack Obama helped protect and create some of the places he's exploring in this new documentary. CRACKED.COM

Source: Treehugger

The Bubble (April 1st)

April on NETFLIX April 1 The Bubble Directed by Judd Apatow, the film was inspired by his wife Leslie Mann's chaotic attempts to work on Jurassic World Dominion during COVID. CRACKED.COM

Source: Collider

The Blind Side (April 1st)

April on NETFLIX 74 April 1 The Blind side The recruiting coaches played themselves. M CRACKED.COM

Source: AL.com


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