15 Movies and TV Show About Love (Between People Who Want to Murder Each Other)

Ready for some blood-filled romance?
15 Movies and TV Show About Love (Between People Who Want to Murder Each Other)

Slap slap kiss, kiss kiss slap taken to its deadly extreme. The feel-bad movie collection. 

There are so many movies about the joys of love, but so few about hate. About looking at someone you want to spend your life with, and wanting to pour milk all over their bowl of spaghetti. Wanting to break one of their Hummel figurines. Wanting to tie their shoelaces together and then challenge them to a race. Maybe that’s because it’s generally a sign of a horribly toxic relationship if you look at someone you love and want to hurt them — and movies try to avoid abusive or toxic relationships unless one of them is literally a card-carrying member of Dr. Evil’s Evil Band of Evil Misfits, so there are not many depictions of horrible relationships outside of emo band catalogs of the 2000s. 

Either way, while plotting to murder the person you love most in the world (presumably while wearing some kind of black cape at an opera with predominently red themes), you can only listen to Good Charlotte’s “My Bloody Valentine” or Avenged Sevenfold’s “7 Minutes in Heaven” so many times before it gets boring — so here are some movies that are perfectly full of that odd mix of horror and romance where love turns to hate turns to violence. 

Forget everything you used to know and stick around to see some of the most blood-filled and bared-teeth romances around, from cabin lesbians to pretty basic straight relationships. 

Sharpen those knives and collect those zip ties while watching these movies and shows all about love gone murderously wrong (or horribly right? No, hold on, definitely the first one).


LOVE & MURDER LOKI A story about broken and sad people falling for each other - only to stab the other in the back. CRACKED.COM


LOVE & MURDER HANNIBAL All Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter want is to kill each other. Because that's how much they love each other. It's like a Good Charlotte song. CRACKED.COM

Killing Eve

LOVE & MURDER KILLING EVE An FBI agent. A renowned serial killer. Lesbians and blood (and the horror of being a sociopath) combine in this Robert Browning- esque story about love. CRACKED.COM

Gone Girl

LOVE & MURDER GONE GIRL A good instruction manual on how there are much worse things than knives and guns (and those things are cameras and Tyler Perry's acting.) CRACKED.COM

Deep Water

LOVE & MURDER Я A DEEP WATER Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck manipulate everyone in an attempt to do Gone Girl again, but with more sex. CRACKED.COM


LOVE & MURDER ELEMENTARY Irene Adler takes over Moriarty's role becoming Holmes' main villain and love interest. CRACKED.COM

Lego Batman

LOVE & MURDER LEGO BATMAN What does Batman want more than the Joker in chains? What does the Joker want more than Batman's attention? No wonder so many comics have them die together, in each other's arms. CRACKED.COM


LOVE & MURDER DEXTER Lila and Dexter's relationship is a great example of how miscommunication kills - when you're both serial killers. Of course, the one the show is named after wins out. CRACKED.COM

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

LOVE & MURDER drep WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? The inspiration for The Office's Diner Party, the movie shows you a marriage held together by fairies and wishes, and foces you to watch as it all disappears in the sunlight. CRACKED.COM

Revenge of the Sith

LOVE & MURDER REVENGE OF THE SITH Ever have a bad day at work and accidentally murder your spouse with psychic magic because you think she's cheating on you with your boss, Dave? Then boy-howdee, do we have the movie for you! CRACKED.COM

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

LOVE & MURDER JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE FLASHPOINT PARADOX Thomas Wayne as Batman. Martha Wayne as the Joker. Do we need to say more? CRACKED.COM

Death Note

LOVE & MURDER DEATH NOTE Mainly the foot-washing scene. What says love and hate more than washing your enemy's feet? CRACKED.COM

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

LOVE & MURDER BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER The TV series has multiple plots about Buffy and her paramours, where more blood is spilled than kisses shared. It's what happens when you end up dating murderous sadistic monsters that you're fated to try and stop (and who can on occasion just fully come back). CRACKED.COM
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