15 Ridiculous Cribs of the Rich and Famous

Nicolas Cage is twice in this list, because of course he is.
15 Ridiculous Cribs of the Rich and Famous

Home is where the heart is. Also where a dope-ass roller coaster or a T. rex is. That’s a great thing you can do with money! You know that thing that keeps poor people from dying? Bye, Timmy. Are we saying goodbye because he’s dying, or we’re flying away on a private jet with two levels and a stripper pole? Maybe both! That’s what you can do when you’re rich. 

Instead of doing something boring, make a roller coaster in your backyard, buy a yacht the size of God, and why not an island or two? Homes don’t need to be full of chairs and towels, you can just put an octopus in there. 

You too can make completely batshit insane decisions like the ones most of these people made with their homes! If you’re rich. Who cares! Here’s some of the funniest and wildest decisions someone’s ever made with their home.

Backyard Matterhorn

Cribs of the rich and famous COVID roller coaster A man bored during lockdown recreated Disney's Matterhorn in his backyard, gaining fame from just how crazy his house is. CRACKED.COM

Source: indy100

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