15 Wet and Wild Movie Facts to Wake You Up

15 Wet and Wild Movie Facts to Wake You Up

Sometimes you just wanna go where nobody knows your name. Cheers and good morning, here’s a bunch of facts and weirdness to get you through the morning commute. Unless you’re driving, in which case it’s a way to end your morning commute rather quickly. Unless it’s a Tesla, in which case please find a better car. Yet again there’s a theme, and this time it’s a short story. 

If you’re in the mood for a good plot moving tale of adventure and heroism, this isn’t the story for you -- but a lot of the movies and shows discussed herein are. Here’s a hint — the short story was published, and has words in it (not that all of them make sense, mind you).

Guess the theme and win a cookie. Not from us but, whatever the next cookie you eat? Know that you win it on account of how smart you are. Here’s some wet and weird facts for ya.


CRACKED.COM THE SET OF WATERWORLD SANK. The film plagued by production woes, Waterworld saw a multi-million dollar set sink fully into the ocean. Here's hoping for a new James Cameron movie about the expedition to find it.

Source: Moviefone


PANDORUM WAS ALMOST SHOT IN A PAPER MILL. The creators originally had no hope of getting this dark film produced, and were planning to film it with friends in an abandoned paper mill. CRACKED.COM

Source: THiNC.

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