Most deleted scenes are tragedies – they’re things people worked on for a long time, devoting a lot of hours to filming, writing, staging, and all of that work falls to the wayside to make way for a better story. That said, that’s not what all deleted scenes are… Sometimes, they’re things that should’ve been deleted on purpose. Making movies is hard, and the fact that almost no one in Hollywood is sane doesn’t help, which leads to the cast, the crew, even the writers all losing their minds and creating scenes that should never be shown, but are filmed because screw it, it’s been a 13-hour day, we’re going to make this one a little bit longer for a gag. 

Here’s some of the best deleted scenes that have absolutely no real reason for being, but we’re kinda glad they exist anyway. Here’s some of the best deleted scenes that should never make it into the movie.

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Deleted scenes that weren't going to be in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy The lineup The scene is included in a slightly malformed version of the film, including the story that they called themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy. CRACKED.COM

Source: YouTube


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