When we learn history in school, it’s often simplified soundbites to stuff into our little kid brains. But sometimes the truth is more interesting than just “Oh Napolean was short.” Sometimes it’s “Oh the French feet measurement was different, and everyone just assumed he was 5’2’’ instead of taking the time to convert his height into international units.” Sorry, short kings, maybe start admiring Elliot Page for his short statue instead. 

It’s important to listen to historians’ evolving understanding of the past. History can be crafted to sell us narratives, often good vs. bad. In reality, human history is full of people who are capable of bad and good actions on both sides who made decisions with consequences. Ideally, we learn from our ancestors’ past mistakes so we can collectively make better decisions. We all know it’s important to learn from history, but it’s equally important to learn from accurate history.

Feminists Burned Bras in Protest

Bra-Burning Feminists A protest at a Miss America beauty pageant included women throwing away oppressive items, which included some bras but also lipstick, heels, etc. Reporters said the trashcan was lit, but many protestors dispute these accounts. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

The Aztecs Thought Cortes and His Party Were Gods

Aztec Worship of Conquistadors In 1552, a former secretary to Hernando Cortés made this up (despite never being to Mexico.) Cortés' actual letters never express that the indigenous Mexica people thought he was a god. CRACKED.COM

Source: JStorDaily

Greek and Romans Created White Sculptures

Greek and Roman's White Sculptures Sculptures were originally painte; the pigment has just worn off. Really well-preserved statues can still be seen with the original bright colors. CRACKED.COM

Source: The New Yorker

Humans' Life Expectancy Has Dramatically Increased

Human Life Span's Dramatic Increase Most of human history's average life expectancy has been dragged down by infant mortality. For example, in Ancient Greece, people born before 100 BC who lived to adulthood and didn't die of murder or war lived to a median age of 72 years old. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

Nonviolence Resistance Was All About Peace & Love

The Peace and Love of Nonviolence Resistance Like violent solutions, nonviolent resistance was a strategic tactic by civil rights leaders. Nonviolence showed a clear, stark contrast against the violence of segregationists, which some activists argued showed better results. CRACKED.COM

Source: PBS

The American Revolution Meant More Freedom for Everyone

The American Revolution Meant Freedom Severeal proclamations offered freedom to any enslaved person who fought on behalf of the British Army. An estimated 20,000 people ran away from their enslavers to fight against the Revolutionaries. CRACKED.COM

Source: National Park Service

George Washington's "I Could Not Tell a Lie" Cherry Tree

George Washington's Cherry Tree Surprise, surprise, six-year-old George Washington probably could tell a lie. This myth about honesty was manufactured by one of Washington's first biographers to show just how good Washington was. CRACKED.COM

Source: Mount Vernon

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