Have you ever been at a party or a bar when someone starts talking about a weird, unexplained thing that they've experienced? Maybe it's a ghost, a UFO, or evidence of some conspiracy-- Either way, it's the kind of story that demands the attention of everyone in the room. People are hard-wired to be curious about the unexplained, like we're desperate to look under the metaphorical band-aid polite society has put on to hide all the weird stuff. While we tend of think of weird stories coming from the crackpots of the world, they can also frequently come from "respectable" places you'd never expect-- not just the friends and neighbors you interact with every day, but also celebrities, public figures, and even a President or two. Have you ever experience anything weird while going about your normal day? Maybe don't tell us about it right now, we're still a little weirded out by the examples below. 


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