15 Bits Of Film and TV Trivia To Wake You Up Before You Go-Go

Here's a bunch of film and TV facts to make you sound like the smartest person at the party.
15 Bits Of Film and TV Trivia To Wake You Up Before You Go-Go

What's better than movies and TV? Why, trivia about movie and TV, of course. You can seemingly never know enough, and if you're like us, can't get enough. Learning cool stuff about movies and TV is what makes us go around here - and we're stoked to bring you it day in and day out. 

We troll the high seas in our Cracked scooner to fish out the best facts, clean them up, then deep-fry them to a delightful golden brown. All that’s missing is the tartar sauce or if you’re a weirdo like us, cocktail sauce. And maybe a couple of your favorite amber beers.

So hey, it’s Saturday, you’ve almost made it through the week! To congratulate you, here’s a bunch of film and TV trivia to make you sound like the smartest person at the weirdest party. If you guess the secret theme, you win a gold star. Or a couple extra tartar sauces.

Jerry Seinfeld is making a movie about the making of Pop-Tarts!

Jerry seinfeld is making a Pop-Tarts movie. Unfortunately, it's about the creation of the brand. God, when will Seinfeld return to Bee Movie wildness?

Source: Deadline

Rick and Morty’s original short features Morty sucking Rick’s balls

Rick and Morty's original short is... graphic. Morty sucking off Rick? That was the main joke in the original Rick and Morty short, Doc and Mharti. The overly crude comedy evolved into the show that makes us all cry as Rick takes a crap on a toilet while yelling at himself.

Source: YouTube

The Statesman, a spin-off of The Kingsman, is in the works

A Kingsman spin-off series is coming. The ridiculous saga keeps getting weirder with The Statesman, an eight-hour miniseries about the American branch. Fingers crossed for another Hitler post-credit scene.

Source: Screen Rant

Chris Pine will be the star of a Dungeons & Dragons movie

Chris Pine will star in Dungeons & Dragons. Starring Pine and directed by the Spider-Man: Home trilogy writers, the film will feature dungeons, dragons, and a big fantasy heist.

Souce: Esquire

Critical Role comes to Amazon

critical Role has come to the small screen. Kickstarted into existence, the most popular liveplay DnD show is now an Amazon original series titled The Legend of Vox Machina, featuring the majority of the original cast, all professional voice actors, and new twists and turns. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNBC

Key & Peele’s Hingle McCringleberry Touchdown Celebration becomes reality

Aaron Rodgers broke into a Key & Peele- inspired dance. K&P keep making the jump to real-life. After Obama's anger impersonator made the jump, the Hingle McCringleberry Touchdown Celebration followed suit, with Rodgers among others doing the wild touchdown dance.

Source: NBC Sports

House of the Dragon will be the new Game of Thrones spin-off

The Targaryens are coming. Despite greenlighting a handful of prequels and even spending $30 million to film a pilot, like in Game of Thrones, all the potentials were wilted down until there was only one: House of the Dragon, about the reign of the Targaryens, years before.

Sources: HBO, Comic Years

Judd Apatow’s return employed real firefighters

The King of staten Island features real firefighters. Real fighters populate Judd Apatow's return to the screen. This film - about a woman falling in love with a firefighter - features working firefighters in their roles, as well as volunteer firefighter and 9/11 hero Steve Buscemi.

Source: silive.com

There may be a Sausage Party sequel coming

Sausage Party sequel? Despite no confirmation, there are rumblings about a new Sausage Party movie. Maybe this one'll be more woke and have a crying female condom!

Source: Screen Rant

The Title of Hot Date convinced Will Arnett of becoming its producer

Will Arnett became Hot Date producer because of its name. The title alone sold Arnett on producing this show, one of his first major behind the scenes roles. An adaptation of the CollegeHumor sketch show, with two seasons under its belt and a third one still up in the air.

Source: Us Weekly

The next Assassin’s Creed game will be a revolution in how the series works

The next Assassin's creed is called Infinity. The game is rumored to feature eras and locations from past games and more. Beyond that, it looks to be a live service game like Destiny.

Source: Dexerto.com

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