There’s an endless stream of superhero movies coming out today, today being “since about 2008… maybe 2000.” But the glut of comic book movies could’ve been much larger and way more different if things had gone another way. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Doc Ock, Bob Hoskins’ Wolverine, and also maybe good ones too, like a Neil Gaiman and Guillermo Del Toro Dr. Strange. Yeah, that sounds cool - it’d probably be a nice relaxing blend of kind of trippy, kind of disturbing, and really colorful. Of course, that Nic Cage Superman we like to go on about would also probably be kind of trippy, kind of disturbing, and really colorful. But also not, uh… good? Probably? Who knows, if there is anything we can always expect out of the man, it would definitely be the unexpected. Anyway, here is a nice little bunch of films we can spend our time thinking about – because if there’s anything we like, it’s pondering what could have been.

Tom Cruise almost starred as Spider-Man in a Cannon Film adaptation

Superhero movies we almost got Tom Cruise as Spider-Man Spider-Cruise, Spider-Cruise, does whatever a Tom Cruise can - jumps on couches, promotes Scientology, and almost starred in an early adaptation of Spider-Man, back when the rights were with Cannon, the group responsible for the Masters of the Universe movie. CRACKED.COM

Source: Warped Factor

Joss Whedon wrote a vaguely misogynistic Wonder Woman

Superhero movies we almost got Joss Whedon's A F#ing Tourist Wonder Woman You're a f#ing tourist! is a line from Whedon's unproduced Wonder Woman script - screamed at Wonder Woman by Steve Trevor. Given later revelations about Whedon, maybe the line - and the general misogyny of the script - isn't too surprising. CRACKED.COM

Source: HuffPost


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