15 Weird Bits Of News That Prove We Are In A Cursed Timeline

When night was darkest, the Furries became an unlikely hero.
15 Weird Bits Of News That Prove We Are In A Cursed Timeline

"Shaq versus an adult Silverback gorilla" sounds like something Joe Rogan would talk about on his podcast, but it's an actual concern for one zoo. 

Look, no one person has all the answers. But some people have got the important stuff pretty well figured out. How do you unionize when you work for one of the biggest surveillance corporations in the world? A group of shift workers have figured out a simple fix. How do you inflate the value of your NFT? Melania Trump, of all people, has an elegant solution. Curious about the absolute most insulting way possible to teach children about Prophet Muhammed? There’s a teacher in Bedfordshire, UK we’d love to introduce you to. Perhaps you’d like to know how to raise some funds for a struggling local library that's fighting back against a corrupt mayor. In that case, there’s a legion of furries in Mississippi who have figured that one out.

Boys face criminal charges for vicious silly string attack.

WEIRD WORLD 2 Florida boys were accused of battery for spraying silly string. The two juveniles have a notice to appear in court after the parents of the silly string victims want to press charges for the shenanigans that happened at an ice cream shop in Cape Coral. CRACKED.COM

Source: News Press

Apple employees hide their plans to unionize with Android phones.

WEIRD WORLD Apple employees use Android phones to make their unionization plans. 1 1912 Google Ovore Grown S f Teather Virge - ١٠٥٠٠ Facebook To avoid eavesdropping by store managers and ensure they remain anonymous, the retail employees have been using Android phones and encrypted chats. CRACKED.COM

Source: Android Police

Melania probably definitely bought her own NFT.

WEIRD WORLD Melania Trump probably bought her own NFT at auction for $178,400. um ATIONAL Funds used to win Melania Trump's first NFT were traced back to a wallet that belongs to the creators of the project, which is not unlike most high profile NFT sales. CRACKED.COM

Source: Yahoo

It’s not called ecstasy champagne unless it comes from the Champagne region of France, otherwise it’s just a sparkling MDMA.

WEIRD WORLD Champagne is being recalled because it's filled with liquid ecstasy. Nitus Bottles of Moët & Chandon champagne are believed to have been tampered with, completely emptied of champagne and filled instead with pure liquid MDMA. CRACKED.COM

Source: Times of Malta

School teacher is suspended for using a picture of Bin Laden to portray Muhammed.

WEIRD WORLD A school teacher used a picture of Bin Laden to portray Prophet Muhammed. The All Saints Academy teacher was suspended after a concerned student raised the alarm. It's still unclear why the image was used at all. CRACKED.COM

Source: Sky News

A dad jammed an entire towns' internet trying to block his son from late night surfing.

WEIRD WORLD A dad took down his entire town's internet by accident. Using a signal jammer to prevent his kid from going online from midnight to 3am every day, the concerned father accidentally jammed the French town of Messanges' internet service. CRACKED.COM

Source: Bleeping Computer

Students protest over loss of chocolate milk in school.

WEIRD WORLD California students staged a protest to return chocolate milk to their school lunch menu. A Vacaville K-8 school banned chocolate milk because of its high sugar content, but agreed to bring it back once every other week after the students protested. CRACKED.COM

Source: Local 12

Is McDonald's really worth going down for a crime you didn't commit?

WEIRD WORLD Police tried to use McDonald's to bribe a teenager into confessing a crime. M McCafé M McDonald's D INFORMATION the MEI BUR - M 15-year-old Martell Williams says officers offered him McDonald's in exchange for a confession, but he didn't even know what he was being accused of. CRACKED.COM

Source: ABC Chicago

The Furries put their paws together to save libraries.

WEIRD WORLD Furries came together to raise money for libraries in Madison County. HOW - LSC Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee said he would withhold $110,000 in annual funding after books with LGBTQ+ themes and authors were put on display. CRACKED.COM

Source: Clarion Ledger

USA TodayMan donates kidney, gets a $13k bill.

WEIRD WORLD A man was slapped with a $13,064 hospital bill after donating a kidney. After giving his kidney to a third cousin in need, Elliot Malin was on the receiving end of a billing mistake, with the threat of having his debt sent to collections. CRACKED.COM

Source: USA Today

Ubisoft gives their employees NFTs as a thank you.

WEIRD WORLD Ubisoft gave their employees NFTS as a thank you for their hard work. Brent Hickman The tokens were given as a celebration for the 20th anniversary of the Ghost Recon franchise, with an employee asking, Is it really worth the (extremely) negative publicity this will cause? CRACKED.COM

Source: Kotaku

Europe calls Mark Zuckerberg's bluff when he threatened to pull Facebook.

WEIRD WORLD Zuckerberg threatened to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe, but it backfired. EU leaders embraced the shutdown, saying Life would be very good without. CRACKED.COM

Source: City A.M.

Senate candidate smokes blunt, burns Confederate flag in ad.

WEIRD WORLD A U.S. Senate candidate released a campaign ad smoking a blunt. The candidate from Louisiana, Gary Chambers, followed up the ad by releasing another where he burns a Confederate flag. CRACKED.COM

Source: The Hill

NYC's new safety program is met with stabbings.

WEIRD WORLD NYC mayor's new safety plan is marked by 6 subway stabbings. 4 At least six people have been stabbed or slashed on the New York City subway since officials vowed to combat crime and address homelessness in the city's transit system. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN

Shaq scares gorillas, zoo officials confirm.

WEIRD WORLD Shaquille O'Neal says that gorillas freak out and want to fight him when he comes near. Zoo officials confirm that the gorillas are intimidated by Shaq's size, and eventually back down. CRACKED.COM

Source: Insider

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