Hollywood's 15 Biggest Behind-the-Scenes Brawls

Hollywood's 15 Biggest Behind-the-Scenes Brawls

We all know that Hollywood is a place where dreams come true. People from all around the world flock to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming movie stars or finding some other form of fame. What most people don't know is that Hollywood is also a place of great opportunity for those who are looking to start their own businesses.

As Hollywood is known for its glamour and glitz, but what many people don't know is that it's also full of behind-the-scenes brawls. From outrageous diva behavior to brutal fistfights, Hollywood's biggest stars have been known to fight tooth and nail for the spotlight. There's no doubt that Hollywood is a breeding ground for egos. With so much money and fame at stake, it's no wonder that tempers sometimes flare. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most notorious Hollywood brawls. From fistfights to full-blown riots, these scuffles have made headline news all over the world. So sit back and enjoy - here are some of the craziest Hollywood brawls of all time!

Chevy Chase and Bill Murray’s egos exploded into a fight

Chevy Chase VS. Bill Murray: Battle of the comedy giants. Chevy Chase was on SNL for a year and then, when some of his former colleagues were still there, he came back... as a host. This apparently tweaked the proud Murray, and the two are said to have gotten into blows. Later, for their sins, they'd both end up playing dogs in forgettable comedies.

Source: Biography

Lucy Liu attacked Bill Murray after he criticized her acting in Charlie’s Angels

Bill Murray kept dissing Lucy Liu's acting - until she had enough. With Murray insisting that Liu was a terrible actress, things turned physical. She reportedly attacked him, proving that if she wasn't good at acting, at least she was good at punching douchebags.

Source: Showbiz CheatSheet

Shia LaBeouf keeps getting into fights in his films, including Lawless

Shia LaBeouf apparently knocked out Tom Hardy. According to LaBeouf, it wasn't a big deal - but according to literally everyone else, it was. We'd go with the voice of the many, but then LaBeouf might come find us, so...

Source: Nicki Swift

Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe went at it behind the scenes of The Outsiders

The outsiders Tom cruise and Rob Lowe got into a fistfight during a rehearsal. Due to Cruise's overzealous competitiveness, he and Lowe reportedly went at it on set. It all started when Lowe accidentally hit Cruise while rehearsing. Not one to be outdone, Cruise allegedly swung back. CRACKED.COM

Source: Koimoi

John Leguizamo was attacked by Steven Seagal after mocking Seagal’s pretentiousness Executive Decision

Steven Seagal put John Leguizamo against a wall. I'm in command, what I say is law, is how Seagal entered the room. Leguizamo laughed - only to (allegedly) get an elbow to the rib and be held against a brick wall, because every choice Steven Seagal has ever made is the worst one.

Source: The A.V. Club

George Clooney defended cast members of Three Kings after David O. Russel attacked them

Three Kings George clooney, defender of the common man? David О. Russel was reportedly an incredibly shitty, abusive director, and eventually his relationship with star Clooney reached a breaking point. The two apparently got into a fight over how Russell was abusing the crew (and just being a general all around dick).

Source: Cinemablend

Kevin Smith punched a wall after Bruce Willis dared him to punch him in Cop Out

Bruce willis challenged Kevin smith to a fight. When Willis refused to move on from a take, Smith joked about having to talk to the actual director... which according to witnesses, inspired Willis to clear the set and dare Smith to punch cop out him. Smith didn't take Willis up on it, but did give three dents to his trailer (and then talk shit on Willis in three different stand-up specials, which is a comedian's version of a punch).

Source: Ranker

Werner Herzog allegedly attempted a murder during the making of Fitzcarraldo

Werner Herzog plotted to murder Klaus Kinski. Fitzcarraldo Werner I Would Like To See The Baby Herzog reportedly tried (and failed) to set his own movie's main actor Klaus Kinski on fire while he slept. Apparently Kinski attempted murder back at him, and the two became great friends. That part isn't a joke. They became friends. Through murder.

Source: The Guardian

Wesley Snipes attacked the director of Blade: Trinity, leading to him hiring Hells Angels

Wesley Snipes went for David S. Goyer's throat. After getting fed up with Goyer's directing, Wesley Blade Snipes reportedly attacked him-leading Goyer to hire the Hells Angels to show up and defend him. Snipes Blade: Trinity retaliated by... refusing to speak to Goyer, and signing all his notes Blade.

Source: National Enquirer

Army forces hazed actors to make the battle scenes better in The Two Towers

The orcs bullied the elves. The orcs were a group of military veterans, whereas all of the elves of Helm's Deep were... actors. To get them into a fighting mood, the orcs started harassing and berating them, calling them cupcakes. Bullying? It works.

Sources: Movie Mistakes, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Extended Edition (Director’s Commentary)

David O. Russell screams a lot, including at Jennifer Lawrence

David O. Russell is a big crybaby. On most of his sets, Russell reportedly gets into more and more horrifying screaming matches with producers and actors - including Jennifer Lawrence in the movie Joy, which is just... very funny.

Source: TMZ

Miles Teller and Josh Trank almost got into fistfights during the Fantastic Four reboot

Miles Teller and Josh Trank nearly came to blows. Trank was reported to become incredibly unprofessional and abusive during shooting. It came to a head with Trank's argument with Teller that turned into a game of Fantastic Four chicken - with each of them, chest to chest, daring the other to throw the first punch. CRACKED.COM

Source: Cinemablend

Better Davis and Joan Crawford had a legendary feud

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis were lifelong enemies. They were like Godzilla and King Kong - two amazing legends who'd just go at it for decades. When the two finally appeared in a film together (their one and only), they got into it almost immediately. It never ended - thunder is, supposedly, the two continuing their feud. CRACKED.COM

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore fought over an elliptical and being divas in Red Planet

Cal Kilmer VS. Tom sizemore: Dawn of Mars The worst part is, it was on the set of a film no one remembers. Kilmer got mad that Sizemore had an elliptical machine, and was maybe getting paid more. The director apparently told them to just not hit each other in the face, so Sizemore went for the chest. The winner? No one, of course.

Source: Looper

Chris Farley and David Spade fought over Rob Lowe in Tommy Boy

Chris Farley and David spade got Rob Lowe-related jealousy. Tommy Boy The two got jealous over the fact that the other was hanging out with Lowe, and it led to Farley (supposedly) pushing Spade down the stairs, after stepping on his lunch. They got over it, eventually - presumably after a threesome with Lowe.

Source: Showbiz CheatSheet


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