Art! Paintings of things like people or trees that get hung on a wall and people go nuts over, and some people steal. Or statues someone in Italy couldn't be bothered to make arms and legs for and inspired a Spinal Tap album. Oh, is there more to it than that? Who would have guessed! 

Here are 32 artfully-crafted facts you probably should have learned in Art History, but you got a ‘D’ and then retook the class only to manage a ‘C-". Oh, that’s right, that wasn't you - that was us. We are forever shamed and rightfully so - just such a weak showing.

Anyhoo you're not us, you're better than that. We're certain you'll learn some cool things here to drop into your conversation palette. You never know when somebody's going to bring up Degas, but when they do you can sting them with #24 and then help yourself to more wine.



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