15 Continuity Errors in 'Malcolm In The Middle'

15 Logical inconsistencies from the best show to ever have a theme song by They Might Be Giants.
15 Continuity Errors in 'Malcolm In The Middle'

It has been 16 years since a new episode of 'Malcolm In The Middle' has dropped, meaning that we've just been left to rewatch the 151 episodes that we have 60 times each to fill the Frankie Muniz-sized hole in our hearts. And it is sometime around rewatch number 30 that your brain starts asking the important questions.

"When did Hal leave his family to start a new identity as a meth-making kingpin in New Mexico?"

"Is Craig cousins with Newman from 'Seinfeld'?"

"Will America even exist by the time Malcolm is old enough to run for president and become the great leader in our nation's history, as Lois foretold in the finale?"

It is also around this time that your brain starts to notice the plotholes. Big errors that you can't believe that you missed the first time, and tiny mistakes that you can't unsee and keep growing larger with each subsequent binge watch ...

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