13 Weird Places That Actors Found Inspiration For A Role

“What if Fyre festival was a person, and that person had power in the White House?”
13 Weird Places That Actors Found Inspiration For A Role

It's often said that creativity is a spark that comes from nowhere. However, the truth is that all creative people, whether they're actors, painters, or writers, have to draw inspiration from somewhere. For many people, inspiration comes from the world around them. They might find inspiration in a beautiful landscape or in the facial expressions of the people they see every day. Others might look inward for inspiration, using their own memories and experiences to fuel their creativity. However, inspiration is found, and it's clear that all creative people need some source of motivation in order to create their art.

Any creative person, including actors, has to draw inspiration from somewhere. If they're portraying a real person, they have a pretty direct inspiration, but they might throw in mannerisms of their own. If they're playing a fictional character, a more creative license means drawing inspiration from some potentially weird places. Like these 13 actors right here:

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