14 TV Shows That Looked Bizarrely Different Early On

Shows can take a while to find their feet (or hide their bunions).
14 TV Shows That Looked Bizarrely Different Early On

When preparing this list, we looked for things like general entertainment value, scary situations, odd and mysterious characters, and interesting stories in TV shows. We're not seeking bizarre shows with a lot of gore but instead shows that are using surprise and uncanniness to convey their unusual brand.

You didn’t come walking into the world, and even the greatest athletes didn’t somersault their way out of the delivery room. In that sense, TV shows are a lot like people — before they figure out what they are, they are often ugly things that can't keep their eyes open and need a diaper change every few hours.

OK, we might have taken this metaphor a little bit too far, so we’ll just shut up and leave you to the actual examples.

There's a lot of bizarre going on these days, and a surprising amount of it has made it into mainstream media. Because there's already a list of the 14 weirdest movies ever made, a list for the small screen seemed inevitable. There's also a lot to go through. Throughout the years, television has generated a slew of utterly bizarre series.

Fonzie's Jacket in 'Happy Days'

Happy Days Fonzie wore a windbreaker. The Fonz without a leather jacket? That happened! ABC feared that the jacket made him look too much like a bad boy, and had him wear a harmless windbreaker in his early appearances.

Source: MeTV

Tony Soprano's Accent in 'The Sopranos'

The Sopranos Tony Soprano didn't sound like someone from New Jersey. The pilot was shot two years before the show was picked up. James Gandolfini got busy in the meantime, and got a coach to help him nail Tony's accent.

Source: Screen Rant

Cylons' Glowing Spine in 'Battlestar Galactica'

Battlestar Galactica Cylons had a literal afterglow. Cylon spines lit up like Christmas trees when they were having sex-making the whole undistinguishable from humans thing kinda moot. Maybe that was the reason why it was dropped after a few episodes.

Source: The A.V. Club

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