Weird World: 12 Bonkers Things That Somehow Came To Pass

Weird World: 12 Bonkers Things That Somehow Came To Pass

Do you want more variety and surprise in your life? Yes? The fact is even though many of us do everything we can to create stable, predictable routines, too much monotony drives us absolutely off the wall. Here's the good thing: the world is actually FILLED with truly wild, bonkers occurrences, you just have to pay attention.

For example, did you know real snow falling at the winter Olympics can actually mess up world class skiers? How about that Las Vegas bartender who had to pay his bosses back, because HE got robbed at gunpoint? Yes sir and or ma'am, this world sure is weird when you peek under the hood.

We all know the world is grappling with some strange times, so here are a few odd stories that may have passed under your radar. Check out a few of the oddest events that have ever come to pass. Take a look at these 12 instances to see what we mean.

WEIRD WORLD Republicans introduced an act to ban public funding for crack pipes. Apparently, that's in response to a report that the Biden administration would fund crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia with public money. CRACKED.COM


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