13 Things Movies And TV Want You To Believe Are Way More Common Than They Are

It's almost like these are works of fiction.
13 Things Movies And TV Want You To Believe Are Way More Common Than They Are

In the past, movies and television were two separate platforms that people would use to escape their realities. However, in recent years there has been a significant merger between the two industries. Television shows are now regularly being turned into feature-length films and vice versa. This has led to some high-quality productions, but it has also created a lot of confusion among viewers about what is actually a movie and what a TV show wants you to see. Are movies and TV bad for you? It's a question that has been asked for years, with no clear answer. Some people say that watching too much TV or movies will rot your brain, while others maintain that it's simply a matter of moderation.

We watch movies and TV to be taken away to other worlds or to see stories that we can relate to. However, sometimes what we see on the big or small screen is not exactly accurate. In this article, Cracked will talk about some things that movies and TV want us to believe but are not always true. For example, did you know that in most cases, people do not actually fall in love at first sight? Stay tuned for more debunked truths that Hollywood would love for us to believe!

TEENAGERS PARTYING LIKE A TOURING HAIR METAL BAND CRACKED.COM TV shows love to tell adult stories using teens because the high school setting forces a bunch of young people together with the only thing they have in common being their zip code. Sure, teens like to get up to some pretty wild stuff, but drug use in high school looks less like wild coke parties and more like sharing a joint behind the dumpsters at Taco Bell.
OPENING UP A BAKERY CRACKED.COM What is it with millennials and the idea of professionally decorating cupcakes? Bakeries seem to exist in this space between a leisure activity and actual work, with most depictions on screen consisting of putting cookies in ovens while dancing and conveniently leave out zoning laws, permits, and supply chain issues.
AUDITORY AND VISUAL HALLUCINATIONS CRACKED.COM Entire character arcs will revolve around someone being haunted by visions of a dead loved one, all to just cleanly wrap up with some expositional catharsis. Not being able to differentiate between what is real and what isn't calls for lots of therapy, and drugs.
BEING KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS CRACKED.COM People in TV and film have absolutely no fluid on their brains if they are able to be struck unconscious with the easiest of taps. To make matters more unrealistic, they then wake up hours later with a mild headache and go back about their day like they didn't just suffer head trauma.
POLICE CATCHING CRIMINALS CRACKED.COM TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Rookie, and every Law & Order perpetuate the copoganda that cops really want to clean up the streets and no crime is too small to give their undivided time and attention. In the real world, if you call the cops after your car is stolen, they'll tell you to take the bus.
BODY-BUILDER PHYSIQUE CRACKED.COM The amount of supplements, protein, and exercise needed to maintain the ridiculous proportions of any on-screen male under 50 is a full time job, and yet these beefcakes are never seen working out or eating grilled chicken and rice every two hours. We all want our on-screen hunks to be ripped, but at least have them complain about taking HGH tablets.
WILLING ONESELF OUT OF INEBRIATION CRACKED.COM A character will be black out drunk in one scene, rambling incoherently and bumping into walls until they pass out in the middle of the floor, only to wake up 3 hours later lucid enough to wonder what happened and how that baguette ended up in their pants. Forget just being hung over, this person would likely still be drunk, but they start walking around like the vodka just worked itself out of their bloodstream.
DOCTORS GETTING WAY TOO PERSONAL CRACKED COM Doctors are busy, they need to see you and 100 other people during their sleepless, 48 hour shifts. There is no reality where doctors get into their personal lives with you, or get involved with yours beyond the immediate thing that they need to stop from bleeding.
MODERN DAY BEAUTY AND GROOMING STANDARDS IN PERIOD PIECES CRACKED.COM Unless they are supposed to be a fantasy race of humanoid like a Hobbit, hair simply does not exist below the eyebrows on women in film. We can believe in dragons and magic, but don't model your story after Dark Ages Europe if every peasant woman is going to look like they have a Maxim shoot later.
THE WORLD COMING TOGETHER TO DEFEAT A COMMON ENEMY CRACKED.COM Fiction will have us believe that the countries of the world, and the people of varying political ideologies in them, would cooperate if their survival depended on it. Take everything that's happened in the last 6 years and ask yourself, is this realistic?
WELL BEHAVED KIDS To to TOTAL TO CRACKED.COM We loved Maid on Netflix, but at one point, three year old Maddy has a double ear infection and sits silently at the doctors like she's on animal tranquilizers. We don't want to listen to a kid cry for an hour but if the intent is to make a realistic drama of the life of a single mom with $5 to her name, make the kid act like a real kid.
HANGING UP THE PHONE WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE CRACKED.COM If this is common, we don't want it to be. How rude is it to just decide a conversation is over and sever the lines of communication without acknowledging the other person? On the other side of that phone there is someone asking Hello? Hello? until the realization washes over them.
TURNING ON THE TV JUST IN TIME TO SEE A RELEVANT THING STOP BRIAN FAKLER @rianFaklerDBC 003 WORLD NEWS BREAKING NEWS the Western US have burned more than 1 CRACKED.COM We don't know a single person under our parent's age that still has cable, let alone already set to the News. And yet, still in this day and age, a movie character will tell their friend to turn on the TV, and right as they do so there is Chad Newsman just beginning to announce a revelation that will rock the protagonist's world.
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