The Ozark movie was, in a word, electrifying. Read on for a full review. The plot follows a family of four who relocates from the city to the Ozarks in order to escape the clutches of a powerful crime lord. The father, Marty, quickly realizes that he's in over his head and must use all of his ingenuity and cunning to keep his family safe. The film is relentlessly suspenseful, and the supporting cast is excellent. The scenery is also beautiful and serves as a perfect backdrop for the family's struggle. If you're looking for an edge-of-your-seat thriller, Ozark is definitely worth your time.


Seems like it should be hard to get action-packed suspense out of a white-collar crime like money laundering, but Ozark has definitely pulled it off. Audiences and critics have all come aboard the Missouri Belle, and if anyone's looking to delve a little deeper, here are 15 behind-the-scenes tidbits about the making of Ozark.

JULIA GARNER, MUSOPHOBIC CRACKED.COM You wouldn't think Ruth Langmore would be afraid of anything, but she has a serious phobia of mice. The scene that has her pick up a mouse by the tail caused a borderline panic attack, and a hand double was required to finish the scene.

Source: youtube

ENDING KNOWN SINCE SEASON 2 CRACKED COM Showrunners have known the ending as far back as season 2, but didn't know how many seasons it'd take to get there. Bateman said, I didn't grind them on specifics, but I was interested in the big question: Are they going to get away with it?The 2nd part of season 4 will in fact be the series conclusion.

Source: indiewire


THE REAL DEAL CRACKED.COM In order to show a realistic portrayal of money laundering, producers brought an FBI agent who works predominantly on financial crimes into the writers room. They also consulted a hedge fund manager on how to move large sums of money.

Source: januarymedia


WE NEED PETER MULLAN CRACKED.COM After watching him in the series 'Top of The Lake', Bateman said that he and producers were determined to get Peter Mullan as 'Jacob Snell' before the script had even been finished.

Source: januarymedia


ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT NODS FROZEN Orig BANANA gh for GRACKED.COM It's impossible to see Jason Bateman and not think about Arrested Development. In Ozark, Marty stuffs cash into the resort walls like George Sr. did in the banana stand, and Marty's knowledge of Maritime Law reminds us of his time on the Queen Mary.

Source: mentalfloss

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