17 Fictional Nuisances (Who Aren’t Actually The Bad Guy)

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17 Fictional Nuisances (Who Aren’t Actually The Bad Guy)

The line between fiction and reality is a blurred one. In our day-to-day lives, it's easy to get lost in the mundane tasks that fill up our time. But what happens when those distractions are no longer there? For some, the answer is simple: they create their own distractions. Whether it's getting lost in a book, watching TV, or surfing the internet, these fictional nuisances can be a lifesaver when reality becomes too much to handle. For others, however, these distractions can be more of a nuisance than anything else. They find themselves constantly drawn to worlds that aren't their own and struggle to stay grounded in reality.

For others, however, these distractions can be more of a nuisance than anything else. They find themselves constantly drawn to worlds that aren't their own and struggle to stay grounded in reality. So which side of the spectrum do you fall on?

Ask yourself, are these characters annoying, or are they just products of their environment? Their environment is a wacky sitcom world viewed through the eyes of the competent hero that treats them as less than human.

COSMO KRAMER CRACKED.COM In the reverse episode, The Betrayal, it's revealed Jerry tells Kramer when he first meets him, What's mine is yours! Yes, Kramer took this a little too literally and a little too extreme, but the usually pragmatic Jerry shouldn't have been so open to a random guy he just met.
DWIGHT K. SCHRUTE UTZ CARREN Eaglia - Brasiler Live CRACKED COM Despite clearly being on the spectrum, Dwight is constantly harassed, belittled, pranked and talked down to by his coworker Jim for the crime of being... really serious about his work? Не wouldn't be so wound up if Jim would just leave the poor beet farmer alone.
WALTER PECK CRACKED.COM Не has every right, nay, every responsibility to question the four men that claim to go around hunting ghosts. Peck is confronted with the offhanded and mean spirited snark of Peter Venkman, a noted scam artist and charlatan, when all he was trying to do was his job.
JANICE HOSENSTEIN Startungs so - CRACKED COM nila Oh, we're sorry, you don't like her laugh? The thing she has no control over? Grow up. Janice is a nice girl that Chandler strung along because he was too chickenshit to break it off, only to have Phoebe do it for him and eventually take her back so he has someone to kiss on New Years. Could he BE a bigger a-hole?
JAR JAR BINKS CRACKED.COM The hero of the Battle of Windows XP Desktop Wallpaper deserves better. While he might have been a cartoonishly clumsy, Looney Tunes rabbit monster, we don't think that is a big enough offense to warrant being banned from his underwater society.
SKYLER WHITE CRACKED.COM As far as she knew, her husband was disappearing at random times and becoming increasingly withdrawn, all while she was dealing with a geriatric pregnancy. She lives in a suburb in Albuquerque, hasn't she suffered enough?
THE NON-CHARLIE CHILDREN OF WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY CRACKED COM These are children, thrown into a world literally made of candy, expected to pass vague and arbitrary personality tests by the reclusive factory landlord, lest they meet a gruesome end. The adults of this story are by far the biggest cretins.
DAWN SUMMERS CRACKED.COM It may have been a little annoying for fans of Buffy to suddenly have to watch this character, with whom they've yet to form any attachment, throw tantrums at the main protagonist, but she wasn't even a real teenage girl. Even if she was, she acted exactly like a normal one would have.
RUBY RHOD CRACKED COM Не had to work with an uncooperative Bruce Willis, something we now know can drive any person insane. Не was an entertainer doing what he does best, suddenly thrown into an unpredictable, life-or-death situation. Considering all that, he did damn well, and the universe survived with his help.
ANGELICA PICKLES CRACKED.COM Like most children, Angelica, being the first born, was spoiled by her emasculated father and then quickly forgotten when the new crop of babies were born. She never had a chance to grow up any different, her mother is a stern and distant figure after whom Angelica models her behavior.
KIMMY GIBBLER CRACKED.COM Kimmy was a gawky, social dimwit that had to look at the perfect, loving family next door all through her childhood. Under similar situations, your average kid is going to crank their personality and attention seeking behavior to 11 just to be noticed. The real menace was the basement dwelling ventriloquist.
SCREECH JUUIU and The CRACKED.COM A typical horny teenage boy, surrounded by beautiful women and the men that treat them like dirt. It's better that Screech turned out to be a wacky doofus rather than fall into the Manosphere, where he'd probably become a mod of some Pick Up Artist subreddit.
LORI GRIMES CRACKED.COM She had to make the most out of the zombie apocalypse while her husband was gone, for the safety of her and her child. When her husband suddenly shows up, she finds herself in the middle of a delicate social situation with no perfect outcome. It's hard not to be finicky and to give mixed signals when you haven't showered or eaten anything but beans in weeks.
BELLA SWAN Sportona CRACKED.COM An underage girl that is groomed by a much older, sexual (and literal) predator. Perhaps Bella always looked like she was getting a whiff of the Axe body spray and В.О. potpourri wafting out of the boys locker room, but she looked better doing it then we did in high school.
MR. SATAN CRACKED.COM Не shouldn't lie about his accomplishments, taking credit for things the Z Warriors have done, but he succeeded in becoming the world champion martial artist without alien blood, magic wishes, or secret training regimens from island perverts.
THE GREAT GAZOO CRACKED COM He's a much more advanced lifeform, so messing with the Flintstones is akin to making baby-talk to your pet cat. Gazoo was exiled to Earth after creating a doomsday weapon on his home world, so how about we be nice to him?
CAILLOU CRACKED.COM Ok we got nothing, this whiny little shit deserves all the hate he gets.
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