26 Pieces of Actual Good News Among the Wasteland of Bad

Some news can be good news.
26 Pieces of Actual Good News Among the Wasteland of Bad

Our stress levels are frequently raised by mainstream news. That's where these positive internet sites, with their emphasis on uplifting us, come in. If you just start doom scrolling on your phone you’re bound to be confronted with anxiety or unpleasant stories. The majority of the big news media focuses on conflict, tragedy, controversy, and politics rather than cheerful news or topics that are usually assumed to make people feel good.

This deluge of criticism has left many people feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. However, there is an option; you simply need to know what to look for in upbeat and positive news.

Turning on the news is like stepping into a scene from "Saw" – Nothing but misery and terror. Okay maybe not that bad, but it’s close! However, every now and then, a good piece of news finds its way into the mix! These days, we have to take what we can get.

We can assist you in getting a regular intake of positive news for a change. Here are the top 26 rankings for positive stories.

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