15 Otherworldly Ways That Earthly Creatures Get It On

15 Otherworldly Ways That Earthly Creatures Get It On

Mating rituals are one of the most interesting aspects of animal behavior. They can be quite complex and vary from species to species. Some mating rituals are downright strange, while others are simply adorable. Mating rituals vary from species to species. Depending on the animal, the process of finding a mate and then mating can be simple or complicated, quick or drawn out, and involve various behaviors and displays.

As humans, we like to think of ourselves as the top of the food chain. We're at the top of the world, and nothing can touch us. But when it comes to sex, we're not as different from lower life forms as we might like to think. In fact, some of the ways that earthly creatures get it on are downright otherworldly. So if you're looking for a little bit of a different kind of sexual inspiration, read on! You might be surprised at what you find.

TASTE TEST GRACKED.COM A male giraffe finds out if a female is ready to mate by drinking her urine. Once he knows she is ready, he may need to fight off competition by swinging his long neck at other suitors.

Source: zoohoo

CORPSE OFFERINGS B CRACKED.COM The male nursery web spider comes bearing gifts of insect carcasses wrapped in silk, which he gives to the female before mating. Scientists believe this could either be a thoughtful show of parental investment, or it's meant to prevent her from eating him.

Source: cbc.ca

ALL NIGHT BE LONG GRACKED.COM The male porcupine breaks the ice by climbing a tree and soaking the female with urine. If she likes how it smells, she will mate with him over and over again for 12 hours (which is enough to get her pregnant 90% of the time).

Source: cbc.ca

STAGE 5 BE CLINGER GRACKED COM Male soapberry bugs heavily outnumber females, so when they find one, they stay connected to her for up to 11 days to make sure she doesn't mate with another male. Some males stay connected with the female until she is ready to lay her eggs.

Source: poulins

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