15 Lifelong Loves In The Animal Kingdom

15 Lifelong Loves In The Animal Kingdom

According to the World Wildlife Foundation (the real WWF), about 5% of mammals and 90% of birds choose a lifelong partner. It’s rare to find monogamy in aquatic animals, but we found a few in this lovey list of 15 lifelong partnerships.

LOVEBIRDS CRACKED.COM If lovebirds can't make it, who can? They build elaborate nests together, feed each other by regurgitating into each other's mouths, and mate for life. When separated from their mates, lovebirds have been known to die of a broken heart.

Source: cbc.ca

PRAIRIE VOLES GRACKED.COM These monogamous rodents have a lifelong bond, and even when a female prairie vole dies, her male partner will not find a new mate. Studies have shown that males are more likely to cheat on his partner with a taste of alcohol.

Source: poulins

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