15 Movies And TV Shows That Sneaked In Foreshadowing

The real twist of this "Black Mirror" episode is attractive people hanging out at the arcade.
15 Movies And TV Shows That Sneaked In Foreshadowing

What is it about foreshadowing that just tickles the brain? Perhaps it is the instinct all of our minds have to seek order and connection wherever we can. Like the Protagonist of a Beautiful Mind, we simply cannot help but connect the dots that undergird reality.

The fact is, we can't resist a bit of good foreshadowing in literature, television or film. The idea that the seeds of future events are being planted right before the eyes of the astute fan is not only exciting, it also illustrates the craft and care of the creatore.

We wanted to explore more than fourteen movies and tv shows that snuck in brilliant bits of fhoreshadowing.

We should have figured something messed up was going on with the crime-less, squeaky clean, 1980s pastiche town based on the name “San Junipero.” Also, based on it happening on Black Mirror.

So what are you waiting for? Another clue? Scroll on down from amazing examples o fforeshadowing!

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