14 Overrated Candies (That We Wouldn't Miss)

We've got a sweet tooth and a judgmental tongue
14 Overrated Candies (That We Wouldn't Miss)

Do you love sweet and delicious candies? Who doesn't, right? Candies are one of the favorite treats for everyone. We can't help ourselves when it comes to buying them, and we always have a stash of our favorite treats at home. You start sorting through it and quickly realize that most of the candy is either store-bought or homemade. There are a few pieces of candy that are obviously store-bought, like Snickers bars, Milky Ways, and 3 Musketeers. But then there are the other pieces of candy that you can't quite place. You might have a few Hershey's chocolate bars, some Whoppers malted milk, and maybe even a pack of Starburst candies. So what's the verdict? Are these candies overrated?

There are a lot of things in this world that people seem to love more than they should. Oversized sunglasses, pumpkin spice, flavored everything, and of course, overrated candies. While some of these candies may be good, most of them are either overpriced or just not as good as people make them out to be. Here's a list of some of the most overrated candies out there, so you can steer clear the next time you're in the candy aisle.

Rainbow Twizzlers

RAINBOW TWIZZLERS Straw BY Twizzlers On L Rainbow Twists W Blu Grap NET WT These rainbow monstrosities ruin Twizzlers' good name. They are like chewing on waxy straws that were exclusively used to drink Kool-Aid. CRACKED.COM

Necco Wafers

NECCO WAFERS We are guessing a priest invented these cardboard pogs marketed as candy after asking himself, What if I could eat flavorless communion wafers all the time? But also they were bad for my teeth? CRACKED.COM

Wax Bottles

WAX BOTTLES Maybe it's just us, but we prefer our candy edible. These soda bottles are 95% wax, 5% weird syrup. The day Gushers were created, these became archaic. CRACKED.COM

Tootsie Roll

TOOTSIE ROLLS Tootsie Rolls answer the age-old question, What if chocolate...but bad? This waxy faux-chocolate looks and tastes like something a hamster with digestive issues would make. CRACKED.COM


PEEPS These are good for microwave tomfoolery and absolutely nothing else. CRACKED.COM

Candy Hearts

CANDY HEARTS FF EET IE BUG DAT LOVE AME LOVE SWEET AVE AMQ PIE TE ٨٥٧ REAL CUTI LOVE CALL ME MARRY ME SWEET SWEET ITTE PUGS PEA LOVE WICKEN PUGS & COOL KITTENS XW LET'S ١٠٠ EM SAVE ODI Cute in concept, gross in execution. If I'm going to have a conversation with my food, I'd rather have a fortune cookie any day. CRACKED.COM

Cadbury Creme Eggs

CADBURY CREME EGGS We love sugar as much as the next sentient comedy site, but biting into one of these leaves you instantly aware of your teeth's mortality. CRACKED.COM

Jolly Ranchers

JOLLY RANCHERS NOZ ARD Kno - RANCHE FOR WATE CHERRY AND BHON I DRONTE NTO BOLLY OLLY NCHE APPLE - adidas adidas GRAPE We refuse to eat Jolly Ranchers because, even though they are delicious in that sickly sweet way, we cannot bear to undo our dentists' hard work. CRACKED.COM


JAWBREAKERS Now that we're adults we can see this candy is not good enough to warrant its choking hazard. CRACKED.COM

Good & Plenty

GOOD & PLENTY If you like this, we can agree to disagree. Some people like to chew on some waxy medicene tablets, we guess. CRACKED.COM

Circus Peanuts

CIRCUS PEANUTS For some reason these rubbery, nut-shaped marshmallows are banana flavored? These candies need to do some self-reflecting because they're a hot mess of nonsense. CRACKED.COM

Candy Necklaces

CANDY NECKLACES Interactive candy can be fun. Spitty strings that dye kids' necks weird colors are not. CRACKED.COM

Almond Joy

ALMOND JOY Too sweet and artificial for adults, too almondy-coconutty for kids. A candy that has no target demographic. CRACKED.COM

Candy Corn

CANDY CORN Maybe we're playing into it by including it on the list, but, for such an aggressively bland candy, the hype for or against is overrated. CRACKED.COM
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