Sometimes dating becomes so awkward you don't know what to say. The conversation just dies, and it's so awkward. Sometimes you question why you're even on the date in the first place. Sometimes you sit in silence, and it's so awkward. Sometimes you want to leave, but you can't because it's so awkward. Sometimes you try to make things less awkward, but it only makes it more awkward. Sometimes dating is the worst. But sometimes, just sometimes, it's worth it. When the date goes well, and there's good conversation and laughter, and mutual interests. When there's a connection, it feels like anything is possible. That's when dating is worth it because even though sometimes it sucks, sometimes it's magical. And those magical moments are what make wading through all the awkward ones worthwhile.

Many of us are on the hunt for companionship out in that vast sea of dating… But some of us have heard these terrible dating stories and have maybe decided it's okay to spend the night alone.

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