What's fascinating about actor-director quarrels is how easy it is to remain silent about them. No one really gets along with anyone all the time, and having a large group of creative people working in a small space will inevitably lead to some messy conflict. Now you know truly toxic environments have emerged when a little off-camera anger breaks out off the set and then into the public record.

Actors and directors have a reputation for being erratic. Some leading performers believe they can do whatever they want as they're the face of the film, whilst some filmmakers believe they are the ones in charge. This frequently results in a power struggle among the project group.

Therefore, which actors and directors didn't get along during their time on set?

Because movies take months, if not years, to make, artistic differences and personality clashes have plenty of time to escalate into heated arguments and physical altercations. As seen by these 15 examples of performers and directors who couldn't stand each other.

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