13 Child Stars Who Left Hollywood And What They're Doing Now

They left stardom for something better.
13 Child Stars Who Left Hollywood And What They're Doing Now

Many child stars have left Hollywood over the years. Some have cited the negative publicity and tabloid coverage as a reason for their departure. Others have simply grown tired of the constant spotlight and yearned for a more normal life. Whatever the reasons, child stars often find it difficult to adjust to life outside of the entertainment industry. Those who have made a successful transition have typically done so by Pursuing other interests and maintaining a low profile. For many child stars, though, Hollywood is simply too hard to resist. After all, it's where they got their start and where they feel most comfortable. Child stars who have left Hollywood often find themselves drawn back to the city and the industry that made them famous.

We've heard horror stories about child actors and the debauchery they live through growing up in Hollywood. So it's wonderful to see when these actors not only get out of the public eye but move on to something even cooler, like driving submarines and making weed clothing. Find out what happened to those child stars you loved but never saw again.

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