13 Awesome Celebrity Clapbacks We'd Never Heard About

Sometimes, trying to dunk on a celebrity is like poking a bear.
13 Awesome Celebrity Clapbacks We'd Never Heard About

Celebrity clapbacks are always entertaining. They can be funny, rude, or simply jaw-dropping. But sometimes we hear about celebrities clapping back in a way that's totally unexpected—and these rebukes are the best of the bunch. Here are some awesome celebrity clapbacks we never heard about before.

We all know that celebrities are just like us—except they're richer, more beautiful, and have way better lives. But even celebrities screw up sometimes. They say things they shouldn't or do things people don't expect them to. And when that happens, they often get called out on it, sometimes by other celebrities and sometimes by everyday people on social media. But what's really funny is when celebrities clap back at their critics in the most unexpected ways. Here are some of our favorite celebrity clap backs we never knew about!

So don't just sit there, brace yourself and scroll down for some of the snidest celebrity comebacks we found.

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