13 Names In Iconic Movies That Were Originally Totally Different

Sometimes, inspiration strikes ... and then gets ignored.
13 Names In Iconic Movies That Were Originally Totally Different

There's no doubting that a handful of cult films, especially those produced around the century, have gone towards becoming household classics. Some films have functioned as historical landmarks and golden age masterpieces, deserving an unlimited number of viewings.

The cultural effect of these films makes it incredibly difficult to believe that our loved films could have been termed something entirely different at one point.

When it concerns iconic films, characters and more importantly, the performers who gave the role a genuine face, we all have our favorites. We felt that of the dozens of varied interpretations of multiple personalities from Hollywood films, there have been at least a handful that should be left and not ever recast.

Names from well-known films that were formerly completely distinct…

Names in films go through numerous rounds of development, just like everything else, and names that are now pop cultural icons originated late in the creative process. The fact is, some of the original names were downright bizarre.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia wasn't supposed to be named that. They were actually going to name him Rob (just like Rob McElhenney, who plays him). CRACKED.COM


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