Tell Us Now: 17 Ridiculous Lies We Believed As Kids

Tell Us Now: 17 Ridiculous Lies We Believed As Kids

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's the silliest lie you believed as a kid?” Here are 17 of the funniest answers. Darn it, kids sure are gullible. 

If You Eat Seeds, The Plant Will Grow Inside You

... TELL US NOW. WATERMELON SEED GROWTHS Christy N. used to believe If I swallowed a watermelon pit, then watermelon trees would grow out of my ears. My brother told me that when I was 4 and I didn't eat a watermelon until my 20s. CRACKED.COM

Gotta Feed the Trains the Corn

... TELL US NOW. WHO TRAINS THE TRAINS? Bri L. says, My dad was a railroad man who worked on trains. When I was five, I asked him what he did for work. 'Well, I fix trains, feed them corn and send them on their way.' I have no idea where he came up with feeding trains corn, but for a while, I believed trains were sentient and my dad took care of the poor things and made sure they had enough corn to eat to help them continue their journey. CRACKED.COM

The Seven Layers of Self

... TELL US NOW. OUR SKIN'S SEVEN LIVES Christina А. says, My mom told me that I had 7 layers of skin, and every time I got sunburnt, I lost a layer of skin, so I thought I was gonna become a skeleton. CRACKED.COM

Don't Smoke Or You'll Lose a Finger

... TELL US NOW. A SMOKING WARNING Brad W. says, My grandfather lost a finger in the army but he told US he lost it from smoking cigarettes CRACKED.COM

Your Permanent Record Will Follow You Forever

... TELL US NOW. PERMANENT RECORD Bryce W. used to believe that I had a 'Permanent Record' that started with kindergarten, followed me all the way through grade school, high school, college, and graduate school, and then would follow me through every job I would have. And everything I did wrong in school would be in it. It started to unravel once I wondered about what happened to people who were self-employed...would they get to have their own permanent record? CRACKED.COM

Marshmallow Farms

... TELL US NOW. MARSHMALLOW FARMS Sindra S. tells us, We'd drive past farms that had baled their crops and wrapped them in white plastic, and my parents told me they were marshmallow farms and that when the marshmallows were harvested, they were then cut up into tiny marshmallows to sell. CRACKED.COM

Tolls Keep The Roads Up, Literally

... TELL US NOW. THE PURPOSE OF TOLLS STOP STOP Keith D. says, Not necessarily a lie but when I was a kid, growing up in Illinois, my dad told me the tolls 'kept the roads up.' I honestly believed that there were stacks of quarters underground supporting the highways. CRACKED.COM

Mom's Lying Button

... TELL US NOW. THE LYING DOT Mark L. tells us, That whenever I told a lie, a little red light on my forehead (that, of course, 'only Mommy can see'), would flash. Once, when I was four, Mom asked if I was telling a fib. I slapped my hand over my forehead and said 'No!' CRACKED.COM

Lose Lips Fall Off

... TELL US NOW. YOUR LIPS WILL FALL OFF Chriselle R. says, My mom told me if I kissed a boy, my lips would fall off. Nevertheless, I kissed a boy. A few days later my lips were chapped and I thought it was the end. CRACKED.COM

Light-Up Shoes Will Catch Fire

... TELL US NOW. THE DANGERS OF LIGHT-UP SHOES Drew H. says, When I was in elementary school, light-up shoes were all the rage. My parents wouldn't let me have them, because apparently if you're wearing light-up shoes and step in a puddle you'll get electrocuted. I'm an electrician now, can confirm this was a lie. CRACKED.COM

Money Laundering But Make It Literal

... TELL US NOW. LITERAL MONEY LAUNDERING THE THIS e FOR ALL DI 1 I A4 12 6776 Manuel G. says, If I left $1 on my pocket and my mom would wash it, it was considered laundering money and I could go to jail. CRACKED.COM

Car Lights Are Actually Illegal

... TELL US NOW. CAR INTERIOR LIGHTS Any R. believed as a child that it was illegal to drive with the interior light on. CRACKED.COM

My Dad's Brush with Death

... TELL US NOW. DAD'S HARD-KNOCK LIFE Jessica S. says, My dad had a small acne scar on his nose and told me it was a gunshot wound. My friends at school were very impressed when I told them. CRACKED.COM

Rest in Rehab, Hamster

... TELL US NOW. THE HAMSTER IN REHAB Evan D. says, My brother and I were playing with our pet hamster on the floor. The family dog came over and picked him up in his mouth., but then dropped the hamster when we started screaming. Poor little guy was dragging himself around with his front legs while his lower half dragged on the floor. My father collected him and told US he was taking him to the vet. For almost a year straight, my father had me convinced that the hamster was in a rehab program at the vets office

My Dad Is in Kiss

... TELL US NOW. MY DAD'S IN KISS Michael J. says, My dad back in the 70s told me he had to fill in for Gene Simmons on a TV appearance because he was sick. I walked around the next day W a Kiss shirt on, pointing at Gene and telling everyone 'That's my daddy'.... CRACKED.COM

Learning Spanish Is Against the Law

... TELL US NOW. COPYRIGHT NOTICE A.J.A. tells us, When I was seven I really wanted to learn Spanish. So I picked up a book from the library and started copying the words from Spanish into English. But then I saw the disclaimer on the dust jacket that explained copyright. I was absolutely terrified and tried to rip up everything I had written down. For a year or so I felt so guilty and became petrified at the thought of getting arrested. Once, when I was around eight, a cop came to the local playground I was being babysat at

Thongs Give You Cancer

... TELL US NOW. BUTT CANCER Shakira В. tells us, My mom told me that g-strings/thongs caused butt cancer. CRACKED.COM
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