The B-Movie Gimmick From The '60s (That We Want Back)

We’ve discussed William Castle here at Cracked, the all-time king of horror movie gimmicks. And among all his contrivances to get butts in theater seats to watch B-grade schlock, there's a particularly clever one used in one of his ‘best’ movies, Homicidal.

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Filmmakers are frequently forced to carefully manipulate the facts while compressing the lives of actual people into the two-hour film. This might result in movies being much more of a fictionalization than a true depiction. Individuals who influenced the characters' beliefs or influenced their acts may be excluded, whereas events that shaped their views or motivated their deeds may be left off the cutting room floor.

These alterations aren't always terrible, and they can keep a dramatization from telling the whole story. The very worst violators completely alter the facts or base their plots on conspiracy theories as well as scenarios. Because of the nature of filmmaking, biographical films are frequently wrong.

It isn't always the fault of the actor. There are occasions when performers choose not to consult the individual for whatever reason, but they can also do a fantastic job presenting the lies told to them by authors, directors, or producers. Whatever the case may be, these 15 depictions of real people were completely inaccurate

WINNIE MANDELA WINNIE MANDELA CRACKED.COM The 2011 film 'Winnie Mandela' never once consulted Winnie Mandela. They filmed in South Africa (where she resides), and Jennifer Hudson was excited to meet with her, but producers refused to allow the meeting. Mandela told CNN that she felt it was insulting.

Source: Starsinsider

JIMI HENDRIX JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE CRACKED.COM The 2013 film with Andre Benjamin portrays Jimi as a domestic abuser who beat his girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham. According to Etchingham, he was a sweet and funny guy who never once laid a hand on her. The story came from an unauthorized bio that never consulted her.

Source: Goliath

JOHN NASH A BEAUTIFUL MIND CRACKED.COM The real-life Nash was a lot less pure than his depiction. In the 2001 film, he's a faithful husband to his first love, Alicia. In reality, Nash had an illegitimate son, covert affairs with men, and was abusive toward Alicia, whom he regarded as his slave.

Source: Goliath

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