13 Famous Actors Whose Favorite Roles Aren't What We Expected

13 Famous Actors Whose Favorite Roles Aren't What We Expected

Some performers, based on their preferred parts, clearly enjoy it when they have been challenged or given a lot of creative latitude. The actors, on the other hand, aren't always the biggest lovers of the parts that have earned them so much fame and money. From the start of their careers, many of them chose minor roles or gigs.

Despite having illustrious careers and numerous honors, many celebrities despise the prospect of seeing themselves on film. There are, however, a select handful who enjoy seeing themselves on film. Today we'll look at several well-known performers whose favorite roles aren't quite what we'd anticipate...

So search your snack pantry, bring your appetite, keep your spirits up, and keep reading for some truly wild stories.

Sure, you'd assume that renowned actors' favorite roles would have been the ones that have made them famous... but that's not always the case. Here are some examples of what we're talking about:

Michael Douglas

One of Michael Douglas' favorite movie roles was 1997's The Game. Не plays a depressed millionaire in the movie, and he said It's a movie I absolutely love. But it was a hard, tough shoot. CRACKED.COM


Anna Faris

Anna Faris really, really likes her mid-2000s movie The House Bunny. She looks back on it with embarrassed pride, she says - she played the lead role, developed the movie, and got an exec producer credit. CRACKED.COM


Jennifer Anniston

Outside of independent dramas, Jennifer Anniston really likes one of her dumb roles. I love Dr. Julia. You know, I love playing the crazy woman in Horrible Bosses, she said when they asked her about the role she's most proud of besides those in dramas. CRACKED.COM


Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage thought he did a pretty good job in the movie Vampire's Kiss. And, he says, he took a lot of what learned from that performance and used it for Face/Off, which you can see if you watch them back to back. CRACKED.COM


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