A sense of amazement is something that most children have in spades. When you're a kid, everything seems to be new and exciting—but that wide-eyed wonderment fades over time, which doesn't have to become the case. With all that in mind, we've compiled a list of amusing facts that will brighten your day and revive your wonderment. So leave your skepticism at the door and continue reading to be reminded of how amazing the world truly is.

It's a huge amount of fun to learn weird trivia facts; however, at the end of each day, they're just the little factoids that suck up room in your head, right? Certainly not! Check out these amazing facts that just might teach you something, wow your friends, but at the very least lift your spirits! And if you're still hungry for much more random knowledge, have a look at these.

It's always good to have some trivia on hand in case you encounter someone who enjoys learning odd facts about different fields. So, here are 13 little-known facts that may be of assistance:

If you love (or hate) summer blockbusters, you can thank Jaws for it. Before Jaws got released, summer was considered a dead period for movie releases - and Jaws was the first ever summer blockbuster. CRACKED.COM


Bees aren't kosher, but honey definitely is, which makes bees kind of unique. Normally, the products of non-kosher animals aren't considered kosher - but that's not the case for bees, because they don't secrete honey themselves. CRACKED.COM


A curator replaced exhibits at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts with fakes. Не then sold over a hundred of the exhibits, for millions of dollars. Не was arrested, and in his defense claimed that somebody had already been replacing paintings with fakes when he started work at the Academy. CRACKED.COM


In 2010, a group of people made up a fake case just to get on Judge Judy. It involved smashed TV sets and a dead cat, and four roommates just made it up out of thin air. CRACKED.COM


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