12 Reasons Your Life On Venus Would Be A Living Hell

Mars is farther, but it's a better option for so many reasons.
12 Reasons Your Life On Venus Would Be A Living Hell

Venus is called Earth’s “Sister Planet” because they are very similar in size, mass, and it’s also a terrestrial planet with an atmosphere on the edge of the “habitable zone”. Since The Soviet’s Venera 7 touched down on Venus in 1970 (becoming the first spacecraft to land on another planet) scientists labelled it “Our solar system’s analog to hell” for these 12 reasons.

SULFURIC ACID CLOUDS CRACKED COM Think a rainy day on Earth is gloomy? Since Venus is permanently shrouded in thick, toxic clouds of sulfuric acid, a rainy day means being burned alive by acid rain while smelling rotten eggs the entire time.
GREENHOUSE GAS EFFECT CRACKED.COM Not a Tesla ad, but this is entirely possible for Earth. An atmosphere of 96% carbon dioxide boiled away Venus' oceans by trapping more heat from the sun than it radiates back to space. Breathing in concentrations of just 10% CO2 cause convulsions, coma and death.
ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE GRACKED.COM Getting out of bed is hard enough. On Earth, the air presses down on us at 14.5 Ibs per square inch, but at 92 times the pressure on Venus, that's an extra 1,334 Ibs per square inch, so walking on Venus would feel like walking 1 km under the sea.
HOTTEST PLANET GRACKED.COM Even though Venus is twice as far from the sun as Mercury, it is 62 degrees с hotter. The surface temperature is hot enough to melt lead, regularly hitting 870 degrees F (465 degrees C) making Venus the hottest planet in our Solar System. And those temps don't even drop at night!
BACKWARDS AND UPSIDE DOWN CRACKED.COM Venus constantly has its shirt tag out and on its chest. A massive collision with another celestial body tilted Venus so far off its axis that it's now upside down and rotating backwards. The sun rises in the west and sets in the east, and that's just confusing.
MOST VOLCANOES CRACKED.COM You'd be tripping over them. With over 1600 known volcanoes, astronomers speculate up to 100,000 - far more than any other planet in the solar system. Venus' surface is dominated by 3,000 mile lava-borne canals and its largest volcano, Maat Mons, is almost the size of Mt. Everest.
LONG DAYS, SHORT YEARS CRACKED COM A day is actually longer than a year on Venus. A Venusian trip around the sun is only 225 Earth days, but it takes 243 Earth days for it to make one full revolution, so that means 2 rounds of Christmas shopping happen every Monday. Hellish.
FLOATING CITIES CRACKED COM Earth-like atmospheric pressure and temperatures exist 50km above Venus' surface. Scientists speculate that thermo-acidophilic microorganisms might exist here, so if you built a floating city 50km up, you could have some microscopic Venusian pets amongst the sulfuric acid clouds. Could be cute!
PUNISHING WINDS CRACKED.COM Venusian winds are faster than the speediest tornado on Earth. The intense winds that swipe across Venus reach up to 450 miles per hour (724 kph), so if the 1km walk under the sea isn't enough, any gust of wind would completely wash you away.
UNPROTECTED FROM RADIATION CRACKED.COM I know I always say this, but we don't thank Earth's magnetosphere enough. Radiation poisoning and skin cancer is inevitable on Venus, since without a magnetosphere, it's incapable of blocking the deadly effects of solar and cosmic radiations.
HELLISH RED OR PITCH BLACK CRACKED.COM Carbon dioxide scatters sunlight, so the Venusian sky is always a reddish orange. You'd never see the sun in the sky, but rather a hazy yellow tint behind dense (sulfuric acid) clouds, and the night would be starless and pitch black since Venus has no moon.
MOST RIGOROUS DIET PLAN GRAGKED.COM Gravity on Venus is 9/10 as strong as Earth's, so if you weigh 200 Ibs on Earth, you'd only weigh 180 Ibs on Venus. Yes, that sounds awesome but that My Venus weight joke would get old so fast, and after reading this list, living on Venus might actually be the hardest possible way to drop 20 lbs.
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