15 Actors And Directors We Didn’t Know Got Fired From Movies

So long, shiny people.
15 Actors And Directors We Didn’t Know Got Fired From Movies

A role in a film or television series does not ensure an actor a long-term job. They might, in fact, be replaced immediately at any point before, during, or after the production. More often than not, directors realize halfway through the process that the star isn't the right fit for the role, and sometimes actors are fired for causing too much controversy on and off the set. Find out why most of your favorite celebs were fired from a project they were collaborating on.

Imagine if you were the main character who got fired from a major motion picture? Or, even worse, a spectacular film that went on to become a cherished classic. This is a condition that has happened to numerous actors, with tragic repercussions in certain cases. Maybe some of the world's most famous actors have been sacked from films that moved on to become hugely successful series.

Even super-hot celebrities can be booted from projects for a variety of reasons, big and small. Consider the following examples:

Christopher Lord and Phil Miller

Christopher Lord and Phil Miller got fired from directing the Solo movie. SAN CON MIC MIC ATIO Apparently, they thought Han Solo should be funnier than he actually is, which didn't sit so well with the higher-ups. CRACKED.COM


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