Are you fed up with the apparently never-ending stream of negative news? We're in the same boat. While it's critical to stay informed, it's also critical to maintain our spirits during a moment when it's far too easy to feel gloomy. So, without further ado, here are some anecdotes that (we believe!) will brighten your day with motivation, optimism, and levity. Are you in need of a great chuckle or a bit of a cry? Are you looking for some lovely ways to pass the time during the weekend? Then you've arrived at the right location.

Now is the time to start your feel-good virtual tour. Despite what you might think by reading the news, things really aren’t all that bad. For example, Russian finally abolished its whale jail (yes, that was a really a thing) and over 100 captive whales have been freed. So, quit your doom scrolling and read on for some good news at last…

An environmental group is about to buy five miles of California coast. They'll pay $36.9 million for it - that's the largest coastal land preservation deal in that part of the state in over two decades. CRACKED.COM


Over 46,000 pounds of trash got cleaned up from Tennesee's roadways in November. An initiative called No Trash November set the goal of removing 20,000 pounds of trash - and got more than twice as much. CRACKED.COM


In Japan, they've created a new coronavirus detection device: glowing masks. Apparently, the masks glow in UV light if there's any coronavirus on them (and the process relies on antibodies from ostrich eggs). CRACKED.COM


After 5 million kids got vaccinated, no problems were detected, says the CDC. BD In those five million kids, aged 5 to 11, no concerns related to myocarditis (or any other side effects, for that matter) were found. CRACKED.COM


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